About Us

What Does WeddingHero Do?

• It makes wedding preparations easier for couples who are getting married.
• Couples have access to all kinds of information and options related to weddings thanks to WeddingHero. They can easily find thousands of vendors from the venue to the wedding dress, from the bridal car to the photographer and receive free price quotes from the ones they like.
• That's why thousands of couples who are getting married and vendors who want to grow their business prefer WeddingHero.

Why Should Couples Use WeddingHero?

• Since it makes the wedding preparation process as enjoyable as the wedding
• Since the vendors bring thousands of options to couples instead of couples visiting them
• Since free price quotes can be received from vendors
• Since it offers discounts and exclusive offers only for WeddingHero couples
• To follow the wedding fashion closely

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Why Should Vendors Become WeddingHero Business Partners?

• To be the vendor that is not looking for couples but that is being sought after
• To meet with the right couples for the target audience
• To send offers to couples effortlessly and quickly
• To benefit from WeddingHero's privileges
• To gain the trust of couples by participating under WeddingHero

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Who We Are?

We offer quick and permanent solutions for the wedding sector in many different parts of the world. We are one of the fastest-growing digital companies in the world with our team of 250 people. We help couples find wedding vendors and plan their wedding. Therefore, approximately 2 million couples visit these pages every month.

How We Started

After working in the field of wedding planning in America for many years, our founding partner has implemented the marketplace model for the wedding sector in many different parts of the world. We have started our journey in 2007, and since then, we loved being able to touch the couples' happiest day. Today, we are thrilled to share our experiences in this field with couples from different parts of the world.

How do we work?

We work with and for Love.

Is the WeddingHero team married?

While we're the experts in the wedding field, we're not all married. Even some of us say, "I can't handle weddings" or "I don't want to get married"! But we all have the same goal: to provide the best wedding planning experience for couples.