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Why is music at a wedding so important?

There are a lot of things to consider when organizing your wedding. The invitations, the cake, the car, the venue, the photographer... the list goes on and on. On the other hand, music is sometimes overlooked until the last minute.

The issue is that music is such a crucial component of the wedding that leaving it till the last minute to plan is almost always a mistake. If you want to get it properly, you need to put hiring wedding bands and wedding singers at the top of the list.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why wedding music is so important:

  • It helps to bring people together.
  • It establishes the mood.
  • It makes your wedding day memorable.
  • It showcases your personality.
  • It energizes the crowd.

Should I hire a DJ or a live music band at my wedding?

Is it better to hire a wedding band or a DJ? That is the question. Every wedding is different, and both a live band and a wedding DJ have advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to figure out what suits you, your wedding style, and your guests the best.

The first factor to weigh in is your budget. A live band will almost always be more expensive to hire than a wedding DJ since there are more people to pay. So, if you're on a budget, a wedding DJ can be the best option.

The second factor is your wedding style. A string quartet could be ideal for an upscale sit-down meal or a more intimate dinner party. They offer the best background music that accompanies perfectly to the ambience.

If you want your wedding guests to get up and sing along to instrumental wedding songs while dancing, a cover band is a better choice. If you and your partner enjoy going to jazz music bars for date nights, you might want to go with a complete jazz band.

If you believe that variety is the spice of life at a wedding reception, wedding DJs are a better choice. They may simply offer a much broader range and, in theory, play all the wedding songs you request.

Lastly, keep in mind that bands usually come with a set wedding playlist, so it might be hard to request songs.

How can I choose the right DJ or band for my wedding?

Whether or not your guests have a good time is usually determined by the wedding entertainment you choose for your reception. You certainly want your guests to have the time of their life. Before you decide on the wedding reception music, there are a few things to think about.

Sit down with your fiancée/wedding planner and decide on the ambience you want for your reception before making a decision regarding wedding music. Consider your personality, attendees, and the level of wildness you desire at your party.

Discuss the diversity of music you want at the reception; for example, if your theme is more country, you don't want exclusively classical wedding music. Start by asking around if you want to hire a wedding singer. You might have pals who have just married and can recommend some good wedding bands.

Find out whether or not DJing is a profession or a passion when interviewing a potential wedding DJ/MC. Ensure they know their music and have the necessary equipment for your reception.

Inquire about their favourite wedding party songs to perform at wedding celebrations. You may need to go on if they don't name any you like. Find out if they've ever hosted a wedding reception since you’d want an experienced DJ for your wedding.

What music genres I can choose for my wedding entertainment?

There is always a music style that matches your preferences, budget, and wedding theme. Each musical genre has its own vibe, and each wedding music band has its own distinct flair, allowing you to create a personalized soundtrack to accompany lasting memories.

  1. Classical Wedding Music: It is perfect music for a wedding ceremony and cocktail hour. Violing and harp wedding music can provide you with perfect songs to walk down the aisle to.
  2. Swing/Ballroom Music: Quick drumbeats, snappy rhythms, and vigorous brass flares – get ready for the best wedding dance songs. These fun wedding songs will bring different generations together.
  3. Soul/Funk: This is the genre for you if you want dance music with catchy horn riffs. Best wedding songs of Stevie Wonder and James Brown will liven up your dancefloor.
  4. Jazz: Wedding jazz bands play music in a wide spectrum of styles, from hot and lively 90s wedding songs to laid back and romantic ones.
  5. Pop Music: Pop music is always evolving to keep up with current trends. That's why you can easily create a wedding music playlist for younger, hipper groups.
  6. Latin: Latin music is not only passionate but also sensual and exciting, thanks to popular dance forms like salsa, tango, and samba, as well as accompanying steps.
  7. Rock & Roll: Rock & roll is one of the best options for danceable, great wedding songs for any vintage-themed wedding.
  8. Indie Music: This music genre is ideal for an outdoor wedding with a less formal reception atmosphere since it will keep your guests on the dance floor all night.
  9. Traditional Wedding Music: You can also find many traditional groups, such as a Russian wedding band, bands playing Macedonian wedding songs or Lebanese wedding music in Australia.

What questions should I ask when meeting a wedding DJ or a band?

Every wedding day has its unique soundtrack. Music sets the tone for the whole day, from wedding entrance songs to bridal party entrance songs, fun first dance songs, to wedding ceremony exit songs, which is why your DJ or band is so vital.

To choose the right wedding live band or the best wedding DJ, consider asking the following questions when meeting with the musicians:

  1. How long have you been working as a professional in this field?
  2. How many weddings have you performed at so far?
  3. Do you play at multiple events in a single day?
  4. Is it possible for you to describe your personal style?
  5. Do you have a CD of your music or a video of you performing at a previous wedding?
  6. How big is your music collection or wedding reception playlist? What genres do you have experience with?
  7. Do you serve as the MC and make announcements?
  8. Do you accept special requests from our visitors?
  9. What is your hourly rate?
  10. Are there any hidden costs that I'm overlooking, like travel expenditures or prices for particular musical requests?
  11. What is the amount of the deposit, and when is it due?
  12. Are you covered by liability insurance?
  13. What will you wear on the day?

Where can we find the best wedding DJs and music bands artists in Australia?

Wedding bands & DJs in Victoria are quite popular among couples. From acoustic wedding bands to string quartets, you can find everything you’re looking for in this province. Here are the most popular locations:

If you’re located in NSW, do not forget to check out the best wedding DJs and bands in Sydney. Be it a country wedding band or a DJ playing modern wedding music; you'll find them all.

Let's not forget beautiful Western Australia. Perth wedding bands & DJs offer high-end services to couples and guests, making each moment memorable. You should definitely check them out if you're living in and around the province.

Did somebody say, "what about Queensland?". If you're looking for the best wedding entertainment in this province, wedding bands & DJs in Brisbane won’t disappoint you with the best wedding ceremony and reception music they offer.

Last but not least, Adelaide wedding bands & DJs will provide the top wedding songs and turn your most special day into a music festival!

What’s cheaper - booking a band or DJ at a wedding?

DJs are often less expensive in the pricing war, and rates vary depending on equipment demands and whether the event is on a weekday or weekend. Because there are more people to pay, a 12-piece band, for example, will be more expensive than a DJ.

The cost of a band varies depending on the number of performers, the length of time you want them to play, the day of the week, and the season.

How much does it to cost hire a wedding DJ and band in Australia?

“How much does a wedding DJ or band cost?" is one of the most popular questions soon-to-be-weds ask in Australia. Since many factors affect the price, it's hard to give an exact amount. Wedding band and DJ costs vary according to the following factors:

  • Number of the musicians
  • The popularity of the wedding band/DJ
  • Season
  • Performance time

If you take these factors into mind, you can easily find cheap wedding bands and DJs. Average wedding DJ prices band cost also vary according to the locality. If you’re heart set on a specific wedding musician in another city, you will probably have to cover the travel and accommodation expenses.

What do wedding DJ and band packages include?

Although the contents in each package vary widely from one wedding singer and band/DJ to the next, each wedding music package includes the following information:

  • The duration of the performance
  • Equipment
  • Sound system
  • Lighting for the dance floor
  • The event(s) at which the musician(s) will perform (Cocktail hour, reception, ceremony etc.)
  • Audio technician
  • Whether or not you will be able to choose your wedding songs
  • Transportation and accommodation (if not local)
  • Fee for an additional hour

How long will a wedding band and DJ play for?

A wedding band's normal performance time is two hours of live music spread out across three or four hours. This two-hour performance will be broken up into sets with breaks in between. Work with them to set these up whatever you want, based on your needs.

The length of a DJ's set is largely up to you to accommodate your wedding day schedule. Wedding DJs often provide music for about 4-5 hours. Remember that even the most experienced DJ needs a break now and then, and your guests would appreciate a break from dancing every 90 minutes or so!

How many songs do a wedding DJ and live band play?

If each song is about 3-4 minutes long, you'll have 15-20 songs per-hourly set. If your band performs two 45-minute sets, each set will consist of approximately 10-15 songs.

On the other hand, wedding DJs can deliver 120-140 wedding songs for a 4 to 5-hour reception.

What songs do wedding bands and DJs play?

Whether you hire a wedding band or a DJ, the style of music played will most likely differ. Many songs played by a DJ, for example, would not be ideal for a live band. DJs are great for having a wild party and playing popular and funny wedding dance songs.

Booking a live band might be a better alternative if you're making a wedding playlist for the best wedding songs of all time, such as "A Thousand Years" and "Over the Rainbow". They deliver excellent covers of popular, romantic, and upbeat wedding songs, both modern and traditional.

What equipment should a wedding DJ and a music band have?

Since wedding music bands playing different genres need different instruments, there is no set list of equipment they should have. However, they all need a sound system, backup instruments, stage outfits and stage lighting.

The following list of equipment is a must-have for all wedding DJs:

  • Cables for connection
  • Extension cords
  • ​​
  • Laptop and DJ controllers
  • ​​
  • Lighting
  • ​​
  • Faders
  • ​​
  • Backup hard drives
  • ​​
  • Wireless microphones
  • ​​
  • Loudspeakers

What different moments in our wedding do we need music for?

You can definitely think of a few wedding day moments in which music is essential, but there are others that may not come to mind right away. That’s why you should check out the following list:

  1. Getting ready
  2. ​​
  3. The arrival of the guests
  4. ​​​
  5. Wedding party processional
  6. ​​​
  7. Main processional
  8. ​​​
  9. Recessional
  10. ​​​
  11. Cocktail hour
  12. ​​​
  13. Reception entrance
  14. ​​​
  15. First dance
  16. ​​​​
  17. Parent dances
  18. ​​​​
  19. Speeches
  20. ​​​​
  21. Bouquet toss
  22. ​​​​
  23. Cake-cutting
  24. ​​​​
  25. Final wedding dance
  26. ​​​​
  27. After-party

How much should we tip a wedding band or a DJ?

Musicians are usually tipped $20 to $25 each, while DJs should be tipped at least $25. Many bands charge extra for a vocalist to perform during the ceremony. Tip them the same amount you would if you were tipping another musician. At the end of the night, we suggest handing out tips in envelopes.