Sydney Wedding Videography

If you are located in Sydney and on the hunt for a highly sought-after wedding videography supplier, you’ve come to the right place! To get you on your way, we have compiled a list of the top wedding videographers Sydney has to offer. You never know, your dream videographer could be included in this list!

T-One Image Videography

T-One Image’s specialized team understands that your wedding video should reflect how unique and special your love story is without sacrificing the quality and elegance of a well-shot film. The...

Big Bear Films

So for modern wedding videography services with special creative add ons, book your appointment with Big Bear Films. They are available for all 7 days of the week. Fill out the form and get more...

HoneyBear Films

By explicitly displaying the prices on diverse packages, Honeybear Films have meticulously anticipated and prepared the schedules as per customer choices. You don't really need to get bogged down...

Perfect Media

Their tagline says, ‘the one and only’ yes, Perfect Media team is the only team of professionals that can give you the exact services you need with the required perfection. They are available for...

Rolling Canvas Presentations

Cinematic Wedding Films also delivers you a complete set of raw and unedited video material to use at a future stage. The agency is known for its innovative approach to videography and...

Magic Pixels Films

Magic Pixel Films will always be there to record those special moments and weave them into a narrative that will serve as an emotion, a remembrance, and a celebration for each wedding couple. To...

Exclusive Video Productions

Exclusive Video Productions understands the requirement of couples and provide comprehensive wedding packages to cater to their different needs. The wedding team strives to exceed the expectations...

Sydney Love Stories

A top-notch wedding videographer should assist you in making the most of your special day. Your videographer is the only vendor who will spend the entire day with you, apart from chalking out a...

Art of Moment

The wedding team of Art of Moment wishes to create a wedding film that would stay in the heart of wedding couples and guests forever. Couples also get the option to customize the wedding packages...

Greer Films

Greer Films uses its expert storytelling and cinematic skills to create exceptional wedding films. All the packages offered to couples include multiple location shoot and post-production services....

DNM Wedding Films

D’nM Wedding Films is known for its distinctive, natural, refreshing and candid approach while covering different wedding functions. Couples also get various wedding packages that can be...

Cass Brothers Production

Cass Brothers Production creates wedding videos that truly express the essence of the couple’s relationship. The entire team remains respectful and professional throughout the wedding function....

Golden Touch Productions

Golden Touch Productions provides a unique touch of creativity while covering different wedding functions. The wedding team loves to go beyond the conventional ways to capture stunning shots. All...


dpweddingfilms - David Price Wedding Films is a wedding videography company founded by David Price. The crew specializes in motion cinematography. Their crew excels in capturing all of life's...

Dragonfly Productions

Dragonfly Productions has presented wedding couples with an opportunity to enjoy a live streaming option. Laura offers a dozen of new technology to allow people to participate online via private...

Fable Wedding Films

The final result is a stunning video that will be enjoyed through multiple viewings and treasured for years to come. It is due to the candid approach shown by Fable Wedding Films. The on-camera...

Instyle Video Production

Every wedding is different, from the first emotional and joyful moment to the very last. Instyle Video Production cares about wedding couples and wants to make a film with utmost care that...

Bayside 9 Wedding Films

Bayside 9 Wedding Films has developed a unique story-telling approach that helps the wedding team in capturing the love story of couples. By filling out the form, you can reach out to the official...

Shaking Man Films

Shaking Man Films believes in the supremacy of cinematic videos and strives to create a wedding film that couples would enjoy forever. The wedding packages offered by the team can fit the creative...

Everlast Video Productions

Everlast Video Production loves to find new creative ways to capture candid moments while filming. You can contact the photography team by filling out the form and talking about your special day's...

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What do Sydney wedding videographers provide?

A wedding is the most memorable day of a married couple in a lifetime, and what is the best way to memorize it other than through videography or filming. A wedding cinematographer in Sydney offers couples high-quality documenting services that immortalize this day. Capturing emotions, joy, love, and unplanned moments through video has taken Sydney by storm.

Sydney wedding videography is slowly taking over from Sydney wedding photography, with most couples preferring to take videos rather than still images. Couples have admitted that reliving memories via video is more engaging and fun than through photos. Videography in Sydney has grown due to advancements in technology.

Why do I need a wedding videographer for my Sydney wedding?

A wedding video can be important for several reasons or based on the feelings of an individual. Reliving a memory through video is fun since you hear the noises, voices, get to enjoy the action again. Here are some other reasons that make it necessary for your wedding:

Are there different types of wedding videographers in Sydney?

The advancement in technology has seen the rise of many videographers that use different techniques to shoot videos, making them different. You can differentiate wedding videographers in Sydney by the videography style they shoot and edit the videos. Sydney and NSW wedding videographers use different videography styles to capture videos.

What gear does a Sydney wedding videographer need to shoot videos?

Wedding videographers in Sydney have the following equipment for capturing videos:

How long is an average wedding video provided by videographers in Sydney?

Sydney wedding videos follow a set standard of videography style used to shoot and edit. The professional wedding videographers in Sydney can edit an 8-hour recording to 30-60 minutes of video. The videography style and videographer experience matter.

How much does a professional videographer typically charge in Sydney?

A wedding cinematographer in Sydney offers couples competitive and affordable rates. The videography rates depend on experience, videography style, and the needs of a client. There has been an increase of Sydney wedding videographers that has made the competition steep among them, making the rates most affordable.

What should I expect in a wedding video package in Sydney?

Wedding videography in Sydney has different wedding photography and video packages. The standard videography package offers couples the following perks:

What are the advantages of hiring a 2nd videographer for my Sydney wedding?

Two sets of eyes are better than one, and the same goes for videographers. The pros of having a second videographer include:

How long should I book a Sydney wedding videographer?

The duration of your wedding will determine the period you need your videographer. An average wedding in Sydney takes about 8 hours which should be sufficient for hiring the wedding videographer.

What should I ask when booking my Sydney wedding videographer?

To get a videographer that you are compatible with requires some research and time. There are a few questions you should ask your videographer during consultations or interviews, and they include:

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