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Why is wedding videography so important?

Many couples consider their wedding day to have flown by quickly. All that's left after the big day is the recollections of a lovely day that passed by. Investing in a wedding videographer, on the other hand, allows you to relive your big day always. Without question, the ceremony is the most memorable aspect of your wedding. The personal vows the couple exchanges are one of the most beautiful aspects of a wedding ceremony. This is the moment when two individuals vow to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. It's critical to have a videographer present to capture those priceless words, as it helps you to relive the feelings of that incredible moment forever on video.

Wedding videographers record every emotion expressed on your wedding day in addition to documenting every moment on film – your first dance, tears coming down on your mother's face, pre-wedding preparations, and so on. Wedding videos are a unique and lovely addition to any wedding day! While we feel that photography is essential for portraying your big day, we also realize that wedding videography can capture various emotions, giving you the best of both worlds!

Is hiring a wedding videographer worth the money?

Many couples ask themselves if having a wedding videographer is worth it and considering choosing only a photographer, especially when on a tight budget. Wedding videography has many benefits. Videographers can capture a hug, laughter, or kiss as a beautiful photograph frozen in time. However, they are simply one-dimensional images that stood in time, with no backstory or voice. A wedding video includes all you need to capture the actual essence of the once-in-a-lifetime event, a wedding. Wedding videographers regard the wedding as an opportunity to make a full feature film or documentary utilizing highly experienced filmmaking techniques and the latest gear, like drones, rather than a gathering of people with cheesy smiles waving to the camera.

You may post your wedding video on your social media accounts or store it online, giving your family immediate access to the memorable moments of your wedding day. Alternatively, you can make several copies on a personalized USB for each of your loved ones all over the world. Additionally, imagine watching your wedding film with your children and reliving every part of your most special day with them, from your vows to your first dance. Doesn't it sound so magical?

What are wedding videography styles?

  1. Cinematic: With cinematic videography style, you can capture your wedding in a more stylized approach. It will be more of a movie cut, emphasizing the presentation of your wedding day story. Video of you standing for photos or cutting your wedding cake may be mixed with visuals of your vows and speeches. These features help to produce a more stylized video and give your wedding a more movie-like feel.

  2. Documentary: The documentary wedding videography style, similar to natural wedding photography, aims to create a comfortable mood. Because the documentary-style video does not require a lot of guidance from the videographer, it lets couples relax and spend more time socializing with their guests.

  3. Short Form:In short-form wedding videography style, a four- or five-minute highlight video is created to keep couples and guests on track on the beautiful events of the day. It uses exciting editing techniques, jumping from behind-scenes to exchanging vows to the celebration party in numerous jumpstarts.

  4. Storytelling: Storytelling is a popular wedding videography genre that frequently, but not always, uses voiceover audio to narrate the wedding day's and the couple's story. Some videographers utilize text, music, or a combination of the two to create a wedding movie that emphasizes the love story rather than aesthetic aspects or amusing highlights from the celebration.

  5. Traditional: In a traditional wedding video, the videography team captures the most important parts of your celebration-- your vows, speeches, and first dance and so on. Traditional videography often features little editing or transitions.

How long is a professional wedding video?

You should discuss the length of your wedding film with your wedding videographer. You can make it as short or as lengthy as you like. The length of a wedding video is typically determined by the style of wedding videography you choose. Short films are normally 6 to 10 minutes long, while documentary-style wedding videos can range from 50 to 90 minutes long. Additionally, cinematic wedding videos might be anywhere between 50 to 120 minutes. However, remember that the longer the video, the more the price will be since the wedding videographer will spend more time recording and editing to create the perfect product.

How long should you have a videographer at your wedding?

To begin, determine the crucial moments you want to have covered. Do you want a shot of you getting ready before the ceremony? Are you expecting that the wedding videographer will stay for the entire reception? These particulars will have an impact on the amount of time you'll need a videographer. It depends on when your formalities are scheduled; normally, 7-9 hours is the sweet spot. We recommend that your wedding videographer arrives 1.5-2 hours before the wedding and stays for at least 20 minutes to film the dance floor. This ensures that the entire day is documented. The dancing is the most enjoyable part!

How much does a wedding videographer cost in Australia?

When estimating the cost of your wedding video, consider how long you'll be hiring your videographer for, what kind of film you'll get from the reel, and how many videographers you'll have. While most videography services will offer you two options for capturing your wedding, they will almost always be operated by the same videographer (i.e. a fixed camera filming the wedding and the videographer walking around getting detailed shots). The typical cost can vary depending on the season, day of the week, the state you're in, and the suppliers available to you, just like any other supplier. Most of the time, a typical videography package will cost between $2000 and $3500. Here are average wedding videography prices in the Australian states:

  1. Australian Capital Territory – $2,000

  2. Western Australia – $2,200

  3. Victoria – $2,500

  4. Queensland – $2,200

  5. New South Wales – $3,200

  6. South Australia – $2,400

  7. Tasmania – $3,200

To find more affordable wedding videography packages, consider having a mid-week wedding in the off-peak season. Also, if you plan to have a small wedding, the total cost will be lower since there's less to be captured.

What’s normally included in wedding videography packages?

Wedding videographers will offer a choice of wedding packages. In a basic package, you can expect to see the following:

  1. A highlight video of three to five minutes

  2. A full wedding video lasts 20 to 30 minutes, including the wedding ceremony and speeches.

  3. Two cinematographers

  4. An assistant videographer

These videos, including highlights and wedding footage, will be skillfully edited, set to music, and sent to you via a USB stick or an internet platform. Expect eight to ten hours of coverage, with additional time costing anywhere from $200 to $500 every half hour. Finally, don't forget to specify every important moment you want to be recorded in your wedding videography contract, along with the videography gear the professional will be using.