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Wedding Venues

Selecting the Wedding Venue for your wedding is probably the first and most significant decision to make when you start planning your wedding. The venue, whether outside in a romantic garden or indoors in a luxurious hotel, lays the base forCelebration Ideas you are dreaming of. The ambience of a location influences the theme of your wedding, your choice in decorations, dress, music, and even the type of wedding cake you may choose. However, choosing the right venue is not that hard and we are here to help you make the right choice. This article contains all you need to know when choosing a venue.

Wedding Venue Types

As you can tell there are vast options when it comes to the different types of wedding venues to choose from. They mainly differ according to style, capacity, and pricing. At this point, you may want to think about what kind of wedding you are dreaming of, how many guests you would like to be celebrating with, and what you want your Wedding Budget Calculator to be.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Outdoor wedding venues offer you the chance to marry surrounded by nature and under the beautiful sky. The colour palette of nature is beautiful during every season, but especially in spring and fall when it is in transformation, it creates the perfect backdrop for you and your guests. You can easily create the setting of your choice by using your décor, modern, rustic or romantic and you will be surprised to hear that not all outdoor weddings need to be far away, there are many outdoor venues even in the hearts of cities. The most popular ones are garden venues, golf clubs and courses, and forests. Many of them provide a marquee or a gazebo in which you can say your ‘I do’s’ and vows in front of your closest ones. Of course, it’s wise to choose a venue with some kind of indoor place or covered area just in case of unfavourable weather conditions.

Banquet Halls / Hotel Wedding Venues

If you love the liveliness, the endless energy, the hustle and bustle of the city, consider hosting your wedding at one of the best city wedding venues. You can find many banquet halls and hotel venues in every capacity and style in urban settings with incredible views and a variety of elegant rooms at your disposal. Most of them have rooftops and terraces which provide a chic, memorable, glamorous, and versatile backdrop for a wedding. Your guests can enjoy the city skyline while sipping on cocktails, and mingle with each other while the sun is setting or under the starry night sky.

If you want to get married in a more traditional way, church and chapel venues are perfect for you! These sacred places offer historic architecture with stained glass windows, pointed arches and a feeling of serenity. After the ceremony you may choose to bring your loved ones to a restaurant or banquet hall where you can eat some top-notched meals in a relaxed, casual environment.

Urban places also offer lots of unique warehouse wedding venues and lofts which often bear exposed bricks, cemented floors and soaring ceiling heights. These settings are perfect for unique vintage or art deco themed weddings. Moreover, you can often decorate these kinds of places yourself if you enjoy some diy and like adding your own touch.

Country Wedding Venues

There is something very cozy and down-to-earth about a wedding in a Country type of venue with the rustic charm these places emanate. The most popular ones are barn, farms, and homestead venues. They come in many different capacities, from large to small wedding venues, with beautiful greenery in the garden, gorgeous wooden beams, and high ceilings. Most of them are family-owned and operated which contributes to a sincere and intimate atmosphere. Other types of country weddings may take place at wineries and vineyards. These hidden gems offer high-quality wine made from local produce and are set within vast grounds, featuring beautiful gardens, ponds, and lakes. There is no doubt that a fall wedding in this type of setting has to be absolutely stunning within the blazing red, yellow, and orange coloured leaves of its surroundings.

Boutique wedding venues specialize in small weddings, and their prices can range from fairly cheap to quite high-end. If you want to have a beautiful weekend getaway far from the hustle and bustle of the city, these destination-venues are just right for you. Every aspect of your special day will be tailor-made to suit your wishes. The surroundings of these places provide the perfect backdrop for you and your guests and offer magical photo opportunities. Castles are historical, sometimes even heritage-listed venues where you can feel like royalty with the mountains, hills, and valleys rising in the distance. Finally, you can also hire private properties such as mansions, villas, and houses if you want a place to be entirely at your disposal.

Waterfront Wedding Venues

If you are thinking of celebrating your big day by the water you have made the right decision since waterfront venues offer breathtaking sceneries combined with a serene and tranquil vibe. You can choose from vast options such as beachside venues, yachts, cruise ships, or restaurants with water and ocean views. These venues cater to all sizes from intimate to large, with a range of prices from affordable to high-end. A wedding by the water has its unique atmosphere and creates the perfect backdrop for you and your guests, especially when the sun sets over the water.

Unusual and Unique Wedding Venues

If you want your wedding to be truly unique and something different, you can choose from an array of unusual and unconventional venues which promise to set you apart. You may choose a rainforest wedding surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna with waterfalls or rivers rippling in the background, or you might want to get married in a zoo or an aquarium for the cutest wedding photos. Alternative wedding venues might also be bungalows or greenhouses. The sky's the limit when it comes to the imagination!

There are many cultural wedding venues as well, such as Jewish, Asian, Scottish, Indian Weddings , and many more if you want to celebrate in your way to make your special day extra special!

Sizes and Prices of Wedding Venues

The best wedding venues come in a variety of capacities and you can explore many options suitable to your budget and preferences. One of the main questions couples worry about is how to find a wedding venue on a budget. Of course, the size of your wedding, whether it’s small or large, significantly affects the price. If you host an intimate ceremony with your close circle of family and friends adding up to around 50 guests, your chances to find an Cheap Wedding Venues are higher. To keep your expenses even lower, you might prefer an affordable venue that allows self-catering and BYO. Moreover, you could have a cocktail-only reception instead of serving multi-course plated meals. Do not forget to check out the most affordable wedding venues with prices ranging from 50$-100$ per person.

Last but not least, take your date and the time of day into account before planning your wedding. For instance, spring and summer are highly sought-after seasons and weekends are generally pricier than weekdays. Also, evening receptions are usually more expensive than a brunch or afternoon reception. Think about all of these factors and make your decisions based on your personal priorities.

Tips To Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

A lot of couples struggle to find and choose a venue suitable for them. To make this process easier, start by deciding on your wedding theme. If you’re looking for an intimate rustic wedding, check out wineries, barns or farms. If you want a grand, modern, and luxurious wedding, take a look at elegant hotels, stylish rooftops or ballrooms. If you’re looking for a magical beach wedding, explore our waterfront wedding venues. Start by deciding on the setting and make that the base from where you then choose the other components.

Next, think about who you want to invite to your big day and decide on a guest list. Every facility has a capacity limit and a minimum number of guests to host a wedding. By doing that, you won't waste any precious time as you will be able to filter out any non-suitable places.

After that, set your budget according to the number of your guests and theme. Approximately estimate what each design will cost from floral arrangement to Wedding Catering , lightning to beverages. If you are on a tight budget, try to allocate the minimum required money to each expense.

Finally, you can start by searching for top wedding venues online via wedding venue finders. View their detailed profiles, their packages, facilities, and services. Then check out the reviews of couples who hosted their weddings at that specific venue. List your favourites, request pricing from them, and make an appointment to see the venue in order to find out whether it’s the right place for you or not.

Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

First of all check the availability of a venue to make sure it corresponds with your desired wedding date. If it is available on that day or within a period that works for you, ask about its capacity, pricing policies, wedding packages, installments, and deposit. Learn whether the price changes according to the days or season, what the wedding packages are and what services are included in them. Ask for its catering options and the wedding reception types that can be held there such as cocktails, ceremony, or dining.

If there’s in-house catering, find out what kind of cuisine they offer and menu options if you and your guests have dietary restrictions. Another important aspect is time restrictions, so ask questions like how many hours the celebration can last, whether package time could be extended, and at what time in the evening music would need to be turned off. If you and your guests are planning to stay at the wedding overnight, find out if the venue has accommodation services or partner hotels to accommodate you. If you want them to host your ceremony, reception, and plan to stay, it would be wise to ask whether the venue is all-inclusive or not.

One of the other things you should ask is whether the venue has a list of approved or recommended vendors to hire for the decoration, photography, hair, and make-up, and other needs. These are not the only questions you must ask, but they represent the most crucial ones. Last but not least, ask about whether they require a deposit and what their payment options are. Having a beautiful event at the best wedding venue is not hard if you ask the right questions!