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Do I need an engagement cake?

Wedding cakes are traditionally served during weddings, but engagement cakes have recently become popular. Couples want to celebrate their upcoming wedding, and what better way to do so than with a stunning cake?

One-tiered, simple engagement cakes are quite popular among soon-to-be-weds. Desserts for engagement parties include semi-naked wedding cake, art deco, rustic wedding cake, donut wedding cake, wedding cakes with cupcakes, and more.

It's also a great opportunity to give a sneak peek at what's to come on the big day. Are you considering a destination wedding? Opt for a beach themed wedding cake. Planning a barn reception? A rustic wedding cake adorned with wooden custom wedding cake toppers is a perfect idea!

What types of wedding cakes are out there?

Were you under the impression that wedding cakes were simply white, iced, and consisted of three tiers? Think again! Like so many other aspects of today's weddings, beautiful wedding cakes are an opportunity to add a little whimsy and personality to your big day.

Here are the best wedding cake styles for your big day:

  1. Naked wedding cake: It’s one of the traditional wedding cakes. Layers are baked and piled with a generous filling to provide taste and moisture to the cake.
  2. Boho wedding cake: Choose vibrant colours, folk motifs, and feathers for an excellent boho cake. You can consider adding succulents to your wedding cake.
  3. Vegan wedding cake: Delicious treats created without milk, eggs, butter, or cream. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome wedding cake!
  4. Rustic vintage wedding cakes: Considered as non-traditional wedding cakes since they are quite simple compared to fancy, elegant wedding cakes. Consider opting for a wedding cake with flowers!
  5. Country wedding cakes: They are the perfect addition to a peaceful and laid-back celebration, from a sunflower wedding cake to lace wedding cakes.
  6. Gothic wedding cakes: A black wedding cake adorned with roses or a purple wedding cake with goth wedding cake figurines on top - can you think of any other cool wedding cakes?
  7. Marble wedding cake: Wedding cake designs inspired by geology. They are usually rose gold, white and gold, and royal blue.
  8. Autumnal wedding cake: These unique wedding cakes are aplenty, from dark chocolate to a croquembouche wedding cake!
  9. Fake wedding cake: Styrofoam moulds that look just like the real cake. Opt for a faux cake if you want to cut on wedding cake prices but honour the traditions.

What are the most popular wedding cake flavours?

The wedding cake is the focal point of the celebration, with a designated period on the program for cutting and serving the cake. Wedding cakes have evolved more and more sophisticated over the years, with fondant and sugar roses, intricate patterns, and an almost unlimited range of colours to pick from.

However, what counts most is how a wedding cake tastes, regardless of how gorgeous or aesthetically pleasant it is. The top 11 most popular flavours for modern wedding cakes are as follows:

  1. Red velvet wedding cake: One of the most romantic wedding cakes, red velvet cake is the ultimate representation of love.
  2. Chocolate wedding cake: You can elevate it to your sophisticated, dream wedding cake when you add flavour accents.
  3. Lemon wedding cake: This citrus flavour is ideal for a spring wedding and is a good option for couples who don't want a substantial, rich cake.
  4. Fruit wedding cake: Fruit may be an excellent topping for your dessert, not to mention a delicious way to flavour. It's also a delightful twist on classic wedding cakes.
  5. Carrot wedding cake: Carrot cakes are highly popular during the cold months. This vegetable definitely makes amazing wedding cakes!
  6. Cannoli wedding cake: One of the most popular Italian wedding cakes, this design includes creamy ricotta and mascarpone cannoli filling, vanilla buttermilk cake and rich chocolate ganache.
  7. Cheesecake wedding cake: It is one of the most creative wedding cake ideas. It takes your dessert to another level!
  8. Ice cream wedding cake: If you’re opting for this flavour, make sure your venue has a fridge!
  9. Cheese wheel wedding cake: Cheese may bring a refined yet rustic gourmet atmosphere to your wedding. You can also opt for a DIY wedding cake this way.
  10. Buttercream wedding cake: It can be customised to meet any wedding theme, and it's the perfect canvas for adding wedding cake figurines and unique cake toppers.
  11. Caramel mud cake: It is not only delicious but perfect for weddings. If you’re looking for a simple wedding cake, this flavour might be perfect for you!

Does a wedding cake have to be white?

Sure, a classic white buttercream with some fresh blooms would be lovely. But what if you're not looking for a typical wedding? What if you don't want to go with anything so traditional? If that's the case, colourful wedding cakes are perfect for you.

Rainbow wedding cakes can add a lot of individuality and excitement to your event. In addition, they look amazing in wedding photos. They can be striking (we love blue wedding cakes) or subtle (a pretty pastel mint wedding cake).

Burgundy and green wedding cakes are perfect for rustic celebrations because these colours go well with the wooden accents.

A gold wedding cake is perfect for vintage celebrations, and you can opt for a gold and black cake if you want to mix it with another colour. Lastly, a black and white, and a red wedding cake can add a fun twist to your traditional celebration.

How many tiers do I need for my wedding cake?

Whether you want a small, single tier wedding cake or a towering 5-tier wedding cake masterpiece constructed for your wedding reception, it's time to figure out how much wedding cake you truly need.

For traditional celebrations, a 3-tier wedding cake is highly popular. But, your wedding cake size will be determined by the number of cake servings. Elegant, two-tiered wedding cake will typically serve 50 people. If you're serving 150 people or more, you'll need a big, 4-tier wedding cake.

If you're looking for a dessert for your elopement, you can opt for a mini wedding cake or consider some of the wedding cake alternatives.

What are the best wedding cake alternatives?

Looking for wedding cake inspo for unusual wedding cakes? Whether you simply don't like traditional wedding cakes or are crazy about a particular sweet delicacy, your wedding dessert is the ideal occasion to show your tastes. Here are some of the fun wedding cake ideas:

  1. Wedding cake with macarons
  2. Waffles
  3. Donut wedding cake
  4. Cupcakes
  5. Pizza wedding cake
  6. Cake pops
  7. Profiteroles wedding cake
  8. Brownie wedding cake
  9. Pancakes
  10. Krispy Kreme wedding cake
  11. Croquembouche wedding cake

What are some of the best wedding cake topper ideas?

Wedding cake toppers are a great way to incorporate your personal flair into your wedding day decor in a tasteful way. There are so many alternatives to pick from, whether you're throwing a luxurious celebration that requires a beautiful script font or something more laid-back with funny wedding cake toppers.

Personalised wedding cake toppers can help you tell your unique love story. You can opt for a beautiful wedding cake figurine of you and your partner. Also, if you're having a themed celebration, you can find many unique cake toppers.

You can consider a Han and Leia topper for your Star Wars wedding cake. For your Batman wedding cake, how about your figurines in Batman and Batwoman costumes? The same goes for Harry Potter wedding cakes. Let's not forget the beautiful Disney cake toppers. From Mickey Mouse to Beauty and The Beast, the options are limitless!

What can I use as wedding cake decorations instead of a topper?

A plain wedding cake provides the perfect blank canvas to convey your vibe as a couple, whether you love the idea of a traditional fruit cake but want to give it a modern twist or are on a budget and need ideas to spice up a sponge.

Simple styling can make your cake simple and economical; commission bespoke artwork on white icing; or dress it to match your florals, colour scheme, or venue. Dress up or down your cake however you choose. Here are some ideas:

  • Sunflowers
  • Pearls
  • Lace accents
  • Succulents
  • Roses
  • Geometric elements
  • Edible flowers
  • Greenery
  • Orchids
  • Pinecones
  • Lavenders
  • Blackberries
  • Ribbons

Where can I find the best wedding cakes near me?

Being the gastronomy capital of Australia, wedding cakes in Melbourne are aplenty, and you can find everything you're looking for easily, from beautiful square wedding cakes to elegant engagement cakes. Also, you can find many relatively cheap wedding cakes in Geelong, only one hour away from Melbourne.

Queensland offers the best desserts for spring and summer celebrations. Wedding cakes in Brisbane come in many different styles, sizes and budgets. Gold Coast wedding cakes will spoil you with choice, from an Australian native wedding cake to a heart-shaped wedding cake. Last but not least, don't forget to check out the beautiful wedding cakes on the Sunshine Coast.

If you’re located in Western Australia, wedding cakes in Perth are a way to go! There is a high demand for wedding cakes in Canberra on the ACT. In SA, wedding cakes in Adelaide come in many different styles, designs and flavours.

For the best sweet treat in NSW, Sydney wedding cakes are the top choice of couples. You can also find many budget wedding cakes in Newcastle.

What questions should I ask when meeting with wedding cake makers?

Before you sign the contract, make sure you ask the following critical questions to your baker or cake designer:

  1. Is wedding cake tasting included in the fee?
  2. How long have you been in the wedding industry?
  3. How many wedding cakes do you make per year?
  4. Do you have the necessary licenses and certificates?
  5. What flavour and styles do you offer?
  6. Can we look at your wedding cake images from past weddings?
  7. Do you offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free wedding cake options?
  8. Can you create a personalised wedding cake design for us?
  9. Do you offer custom wedding cake toppers?
  10. Can you make edible wedding cake flowers?
  11. How will you bring the cake? Do you offer wedding cake boxes and bags?
  12. How will you display the cake? Do you have wedding cake stands?
  13. How do you price your wedding cakes?
  14. How much is the deposit?
  15. How far in advance should we place our cake order?
  16. Do you provide the necessary equipment for cutting, such as the wedding cake knife or cutter?

How much are wedding cakes?

There is no right and wrong answer to the question “how much does a wedding cake cost” since the wedding cake cost varies based on different factors. The size, complexity of the style, flavours and decorations are some of them.

As you can find luxury wedding cakes adorned with the most beautiful flowers, you can also find many elegant yet affordable wedding cakes. Keep the average price of wedding cakes in your area in mind, and travel to the connected cities if necessary.

How far in advance should I order my wedding cake?

Most wedding cake shops recommend placing your wedding cake order six months ahead of time. Smaller wedding cake suppliers might fill up quickly, especially during peak wedding season, so make your reservation early to avoid schedule difficulties. This will also allow you enough time to set up a consultation, pick your favourite taste, and finalise the design.