Wedding Celebrant Canberra

Marriage celebrants in Canberra use details of your love to craft memorable, custom ceremonies with flair, each packed full of humour and sentiment. With Canberra’s best wedding celebrants listed on WeddingHero, expect a unique ceremony. Obtain price quotes now!

Julie Rattenbury

Julie puts in a professional approach to her work and gives more fun, romantic, relaxed, and intimate celebration-themed with traditional, adventurous, modern, and contemporary approaches. Her...

Barry Wright Celebrant

Barry will avail himself for any occasion you want him to be part of as a celebrant. He will work closely with you and your loved ones on those significant moments. Besides, once you have...

David Campbell Celebrant

David Campbell guarantees you professional and top-class services that create a fun, romantic, relaxed, and memorable feeling right from the moment you book him as your celebrant. He will guide...

Celebrant Services by Helen Judd

Helen Judd’s warm and friendly approach will make your special occasion brighter, fun, romantic, and memorable. She will work closely with you to tailor and deliver a meaningful and beautiful...

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant

Sharyn Gunn Celebrant takes a professional approach in consummating, wedding, or officiating over your ceremonies, leaving you with long-lasting memories of your day. Her services are not limited...

Lisa Joy Teasdale Life Celebrant

Lisa will avail herself for any occasion that you would want her to be part of as a celebrant. She will work closely with you and your loved ones on those significant moments. Besides, once you...

Lorraine Bird Celebrant

Lorraine Bird does her work with passion and energy. She will provide you with lots of ideas; help you with selecting and reading poetry and symbols, thereby delivering a unique and memorable...

Lovelly Weddings

Lynn Lovell's services are professional and top class. She will perform her role as your celebrant and make it the best and most memorable day. Her planning and celebration will reflect your...

Darren Roberts - Marriage Celebrant

Professional, Fun and Personable is his motto. Darren would love to help you with your wedding ceremony and help you make it fun, relaxed and memorable in a professional and friendly way. Contact...

Liam Smith Civil Marriage Celebrant

Perchance you might need to change your engagement with him. His refund policy would then be; four weeks' notice of cancellation 50% deposit refundable. Cancellation within 24 hours of the...

Peter Harris Celebrant

Peter Harris would love to celebrate you during your wedding or any other ceremony that you might have in a way that you will forever cherish. As your celebrant of choice, Peter will take care of...

Susan Chapman Celebrant

Susan enjoys her work. She loves celebrating couples, and she would be delighted if you booked her to be part of your special day. She deploys confidence in what she does as she lightens up the...

Judy Aulich Celebrant

Judy Aulich will provide you with what you can only explain as the best customer service experience you can ever encounter or dream of. With Judy, you’re in good hands. Her friendly, calm,...

Vallie Celebrations

A marriage celebration entails a lot, and you will need a hands-on person to help you plan, customize and go through this process stress-free and memorable. That is what Vallie celebrations are...

Once Upon A Forbes

From fun and relaxed to romantic and intimate, traditional, Nicholas loves to celebrate all ceremonies. He will be delighted to provide an initial consultation free of charge to answer any...

Day of Choice Civil Ceremonies

Stefanie's driving force is putting professionalism into her work and giving a more fun, romantic, relaxed, and intimate celebration. Just in case you might have a change of plan, her cancellation...

Ceremonies by Joelene

Creating your ceremony should be easy and enjoyable only if you have the right hands on the job. That is the commitment and assurance you will get from Ceremonies by Joelene. She will offer you a...

I Do Canberra Celebrations

If you want to meet a genuinely adept celebrant’s firm whose only gimmick is pure love, then I Do Canberra Celebrations will be it. Their services are also exclusively written, unique, memorable,...

Stand Proud
Stand Proud


Glen Givens is committed, organized, fun, charming, and with an eye for detail. He will passionately take charge of your ceremony and create it to have memorable memories and worth sharing with...

Lauren Newman Joy in Life

With Lauren Nelson as your celebrant of choice, she will take time to get to know you, listen to your wishes, and offer you ideas and tips that will come in handy to create your 'perfect' dream...

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