Marriage Celebrants Melbourne

The dress isn't the only item that needs to fit in order to create your ideal wedding ceremony; your marriage celebrant should as well. That’s why we’ve listed the best wedding celebrants in Melbourne for you to find the perfect match easily!


Yazmin Firkins of Weddings by Yamzin believes that the ideal wedding ceremony is captivating and engaging, so she always makes sure that every ceremony she creates fits that description. And it...

Rita Cohann Marriage Celebrant

Planning a wedding ceremony can be incredibly intimidating and terrifying, but it does not have to be. With Rita Cohann by your side as the celebrant, your ceremony would flow seamlessly, and you...

Julia's Celebrant Agency

An extravagant wedding may be the dream for many couples, but it may not be the perfect fit for others. Other couples may prefer simple and relaxed weddings, especially if it is set in their...

Matt Finch Celebrant

For Matt Finch, weddings start a new chapter of a couple’s life, and he wants to honour that as a celebrant. After all, you will look back on your wedding day for the rest of your life, so it only...

Weddings By Jay Allen

Jay Allen of Weddings by Jay Allen is an all-around celebrant. He is skilled at officiating a wedding ceremony, and he is also a talented musician and emcee. Because of this, he will be a great...

Celebrations by Rosalie

The best kind of celebrant is the one who will create a ceremony that genuinely represents your unique love story. They should be accommodating to your wishes and needs, and they should help you...

Charis White Celebrant

With Charis White as your celebrant, you have the utmost freedom to have any kind of wedding you want — from traditional and big weddings to non-traditional and intimate ones. She will be right...

Lexie Gloger - Can Do Ceremonies

Lexie Gloger of Can Do Ceremonies is a positive, friendly, and creative celebrant, and throughout the years, she has earned the trust of so many couples. Because of this, she is a celebrant you...

Margaret Collier Celebrancy

Margaret Collier has believed that marriage is sacred because it celebrates the love of two people. As a result, she always aims to honour the love between her clients as best as she can. And...

All About Love Celebrants

Jacklyn Cimino of All About Love Celebrants is determined to make anyone’s dream wedding come true. And for more than a decade now, she has achieved that goal because so many of her past clients...

Anthony Cribbes

Anthony is almost the maverick type of marriage celebrant. But behind the façade is the work of a genius and genuine lover of people who wants the very best for his wedding couple so that they...

Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan


If you were to ask Kate’s past clients, they would tell you that she is calm and approachable. She goes out of her way as well to make sure that everyone is satisfied with her service. For that...

Daryll Webb
Daryll Webb


Understandably, you want your wedding day to be the most special day it can be. And with Daryll Webb’s help, you will achieve that goal. If you want to know more about Daryll and his services,...

Promise To Love

Julie Holland of Promise to Love promises all her clients to craft and deliver a memorable ceremony that honours the couples’ wishes and visions. She also promises to be always there to assist...

Shine Celebrancy with Sharon

Your wedding is indubitably one of the most pivotal moments in your life, so you would naturally want a celebrant who will honour this special day to the best of their ability. Sharon Culph of...

Lisa Hunt-Wotton Celebrant

You don’t have to plan an elaborate ceremony to make your wedding perfect. All you need is to have a celebrant who plans everything meticulously and executes the ceremony beautifully. Lisa...

Pete the Celebrant

His past clients have described Pete as easy-going, engaging, and relatable, and they comment on how he always brings life to all of their ceremonies. As a result, you can expect him to make your...

Milestone Moments - Deirdre Fennessy

Having the right celebrant from you can undoubtedly transform your wedding from ordinary to exceptional. For that reason, you need to exert a lot of effort to find the celebrant that fits your...

Pam Green Weddings

Your wedding is the celebration of your love with your partner, and you would want the day to fit your vision. Pam Green of Pam Green Weddings will make sure that your every wish is her command,...

Celebrant Emily Hall - Bespoke Ceremonie

When it comes to planning a wedding ceremony, Emily Hall of Bespoke Ceremonies believes that the focus should be on you. You get to make all the important decisions, such as the theme of your...

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