Farm & Barn Wedding Venues Melbourne

Melbourne barn wedding venues can seamlessly see you through any celebration, whether it’s a rustic affair or a celebration with a modern twist. Check out the top-tier barn&farm wedding venues we’ve compiled for you with photos, reviews, and packages to realize the country wedding you’ve always wanted!

Collingwood Children's Farm

Situated at the Birraung Banks and only four kilometres away from Melbourne CBD, Collingwood Children’s Farm is a rustic venue. This establishment dates back to 1979, and their grounds have since...

Ceremony capacity
Baxter Barn

Baxter Barn is a rustic events location that is situated just 40 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD. This location is established in the Sages Cottage with 34 acres of rich history which dates back...

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Overnewton Castle Receptions

Overnewton Castle Receptions, which was built in 1850, is an iconic wedding location just 15 minutes from Melbourne that has hosted thousands of functions since 1961. It is not only notable for...

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Living Legends

Even after retirement, Champion Horses remain quite popular among the members of the general public. Being the global resting house of Champion Horses, Living Legends, Woodlands, Greenvale allows...

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Wild Rabbit Farm
Wild Rabbit Farm

Mount Evelyn

Wild Rabbit Farm in the idyllic Yarra Valley is primarily a berry farm in a combination of boutique wedding venue. It is 50 minutes away from the city centre of Melbourne. It is a versatile,...

The Stables at Red Hill

The Stables at Red Hill is a wedding location that is perfect for small, private functions. The Stables at Red Hill wedding venue is an old but stylish wedding venue with a colonial-era appeal. It...

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Barn Wedding Venues in Melbourne For a Romantic Wedding

If you want to make your wedding memorable and unique, you should consider one of Melbourne's stunning barn wedding venues. Having a country wedding offers a lot of benefits to couples. Here are some reasons why you should choose a barn wedding venue for your special occasion.

1. The ambience of a barn wedding venue is very romantic and charming. You will feel like you are in a fairytale when you visit a barn wedding venue. Many things can be done at a barn wedding such as horse riding, hayrides, feeding animals, playing games with children etc.

These activities provide an opportunity to spend quality time with your wedding guests. A barn wedding venue provides a perfect setting for a couple to get married.

2. If you are looking for a place to enjoy nature, then a barn wedding venue is perfect for you. This venue has everything that you need to create a beautiful atmosphere. You will find plenty of greenery around the venue. Moreover, you will also find lots of flowers and trees. Therefore, you can easily decorate your venue according to your preferences.

3. You should choose a farm wedding venue for your big day because they offer a wide range of onsite accommodation options. You can opt for standard rooms, luxury suites, family rooms, cottages etc.

All these rooms are well decorated and comfortable. They also provide all the necessary facilities for your guests. In addition, you will also find guesthouses, lodges and cabins available nearby.

4. You can have many people at your wedding without worrying about space issues. Because of its size, farm wedding venues in Melbourne can accommodate more than 200 people comfortably. So, you don’t have to worry about crowding issues.

5. You can customize your wedding by choosing a barn wedding venue for yourself. You can add your own personal touches to the venue. Whether you want a boho wedding or a rustic celebration, you can use your creativity and imagination to design your special day.

6. A barn wedding venue is suitable for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. You can host your reception inside the venue or outdoors. Picturesque gardens, stunning views and gorgeous scenery create a beautiful backdrop for endless photo opportunities.

Factors Affecting The Prices of Farm Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Many factors affect the prices of farm wedding venues in Melbourne. Some of these include location, size, number of rooms, facilities, and more.

Location: Location plays a major role in determining the cost of a venue. For example, if you live in a rural area, it may not be easy for you to book a venue because fewer options are available. However, if you live in a city, you will find many cheap wedding venues available.

Size: The size of a venue determines how much you will pay for it. For instance, if you plan to hold a small wedding ceremony, you can expect to pay less. On the other hand, if you plan to host a larger event, you will have to shell out more money.

Number Of Rooms: The number of rooms available at a venue affects the overall cost of renting it. For example, if there are only two rooms available, you will have no choice but to hire them both. Hence, you will end up paying double what you would otherwise pay.

Facilities: Facilities such as catering, parking, and more play an important role in determining the costs associated with a venue. For example, if you are planning to serve food at your wedding reception, you will have a huge impact on the total cost of your wedding.

Decoration Ideas For a Barn Wedding in Melbourne

Suppose you are planning a barn wedding in one of the best Melbourne wedding venues with breathtaking views, gorgeous scenery and lovely gardens. In that case, you should consider decorating the event space with some rustic elements. A barn celebration can be quite romantic and unique, so make sure you choose the right theme for your wedding day. Here are some ideas for decoration ideas for a barn wedding in Melbourne:

1. Use natural materials like wood, stone, and brick to enhance the look of your rustic venue. These materials give off a warm and welcoming vibe. They also help to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing.

2. Make use of flowers. Flowers add beauty and elegance to any setting. In addition, they bring life into a rustic wedding venue. If you want to incorporate fresh flowers into your wedding decorations, you can go for something simple like bouquets or centrepieces. Or you can opt for something more elaborate such as floral arrangements, potted plants, and even trees.

3. Add candles and lanterns. Candles and lanterns are perfect ways to set the mood and add ambience to the place. They also provide warmth and comfort for outdoor venues.

4. Hang pictures and paintings. This helps to create a cozy environment. It also makes the stunning venue seem even more inviting.

5. Incorporate furniture. Furniture adds style and sophistication to function space. You can use chairs, tables, benches, and stools to complete the look.

6. Create a beautiful garden. Make sure that you plant flowers around the venue to make it look lush and beautiful and create an idyllic setting.

7. Include a fireplace. Fireplaces are great additions to a beautiful venue. They offer warmth and comfort. Plus, they come in different sizes and styles.

Locations To Consider When Searching For Barn Wedding Venues Near Melbourne

Even though Melbourne probably has everything you could possibly need if you’re looking for a picturesque venue with gorgeous gardens, fantastic views and an idyllic backdrop for wedding photography, you may want to expand your search for the perfect location to nearby Victoria wedding venues.

If that's the case, you can check out the following stunning locations offering some of the best ceremony and reception venues in the province:

All Cities Wedding Venues