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Capacity Parramatta Park Event Centre

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  • What is the max guest capacity for a ceremony?


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  • What is the max guest capacity for a reception?


Features Parramatta Park Event Centre

  • What is the type of venue?

    Restaurant Weddings
  • What style is your venue?

    Contemporary, Marquee
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  • What kind of reception types does the venue offer?

    Ceremony-only, Dining
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  • Which types of catering options do you offer?

    BYO (bring your own)
  • What kind of services, facilities and amenities do you offer?

    3rd party provider, Parking, Sound, Venue

Parramatta Park Event Centre Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the guest capacity of Parramatta Park Event Centre?

    Parramatta Park Event Centre has a maximum capacity of 50-60 people for a dinner wedding and a maximum capacity of 50-60 people for a cocktail wedding.

  • What kind of services and facilities are offered in Parramatta Park Event Centre?

    Parramatta Park Event Centre provides events such as 3rd party provider, venue, parking and sound.

  • What kind of events does the Parramatta Park Event Centre carry out?

    Apart from weddings, Parramatta Park Event Centre provides services such as reception and ceremony.

  • Is there a fixed-menu option?


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About Parramatta Park Event Centre

Parramatta Park Event Centre has existed for 160 years, making it one of the oldest public parks in the country. Being a good-old-picnic spot, the park presents a wonderfully laid-back environment for friends and family to gather and celebrate events or occasions. For couples looking for a more relaxed, informal BYO event venue to take their wedding vows and enjoy with friends and relatives, Parramatta Park Event Centre and wedding venue is a perfect choice.
Not only do guests get an enjoyable place to picnic and celebrate the wedding, but also gets to explore history through this iconic place. Access to the park is free, and the park is open to the public every day of the year. Even though the event spaces within the venue are accessible to the general public exploring the park, the staff does put up reservation signs to let people know that a private function or event.

Facilities and Capacity

There are several wedding ceremony spaces fit for a garden-themed ceremony. Clients can book these event spaces, each of which has its hosting capacity.

● Dairy Cottage Garden
This cottage is one of the oldest surviving colonial buildings in Australia, which features a unique historical backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Dairy Cottage Garden provides car parking spaces and has a capacity of 50 guests.
● Government Farm
Government Farm has incredible natural beauty and offers grassy riverbanks dotted with trees. It has a capacity of 50 guests.
● Rumsey Rose Garden
This lawn surrounded unique area is perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony. Rumsey Rose Garden can host up to 50 people.
● The Bath House
The Bath House was built in 1822, and in 1886, it was converted to a pavilion. It is a perfect space to host an intimate wedding ceremony with a capacity of 50 people.


● Bookings are managed by the ranger team, and the team also handles any queries or issues that guests may encounter.
● This is a BYO venue that allows clients to bring their gas barbecues, except on the day when there is a fire-ban. However, the electric BBQs available on-site are for shared-use and are not included in shelter booking.
● The park offers toilet facilities, a playground, and water taps close to the shelters.
● The venue also provides car parking facilities.
● The venue allows guests to put on amplified music, public announcement systems, musical performances and the playing of musical instruments.


Given Parramatta Park Event Centre and wedding venue is a BYO venue, guests can bring their equipment, accessories, and inclusions to the shelter bookings. Guests can set-up Marquees or shade structures that are larger than 3m x 3m. From setting up generators to bringing their on-site caterers like coffee carts or spit roasts, guests can style the event according to their taste and preferences. In terms of entertainment inclusions, guests can install go-karts, jumping castles or ball pits. Also, guests are allowed to bring animals and mobile zoos for display or entertainment.

As a BYO venue, Parramatta Park Event Centre and wedding venue are among the most amazing spots for a relaxed, laid-back wedding celebration. There are several wonderfully maintained sheltered spots throughout the park, for clients to choose from. According to their preference and requirement, clients can choose the event space they find is most suitable. Given how this BYO venue allows guests to bring all sorts of entertaining and fun inclusions, every couple can add their own unique touch to their wedding celebration. More information about this lovely wedding venue, along with pricing details, could be found by filling out a brief form provided here.

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