Ballarat Wedding Photography

Are you planning a wedding in Ballarat? You’ll want an amazing wedding photographer to capture all the details of your day: the little touches, the love, the hidden moments. Lucky for you, we’ve handpicked the best wedding photographers in Ballarat for you with pricing, packages, portfolios and reviews!

Marcus Carter Photography

Marcus Carter is good at creating magic from behind his lens and believes that everyone should have a good taste of this in their wedding day photos. Book an appointment with him to create lovely...

Carmen Bunting Photography

Carmen Bunting is known for her natural style of turning beautiful moments into pictures. Give her a call for your wedding, and you will be glad you did.

Turner Studio

The company’s lead photographer, Scott Turner, adopts a relaxed approach to shooting photos, allowing him to capture every detail from the fleeting moments that make up weddings. The result is...

Bibo Photography

Bibo stands out among Photography service providers in Ballarat, Bendigo, and the neighbouring towns of Victoria. Making a pick from the numerous photography companies for one that will cover your...

Mojo Professional Photography

They only lookout for the best, and they assure you of that when contacted. The team members are friendly and fun to be around. They will do everything within their power to make sure the...

In the Vines Creative

Lincoln takes great photos that express the emotions of the moment. He is known for capturing priceless memories that will forever be a delight to the owner. His uniqueness and creativity are...

Sophie O'Keefe Photography

Sophie is a very friendly person who loves to meet people and connect with her clients. She is very bubbly, and working with her brings so much fun and joy to everyone involved. She is very...

Slept In Daisies Photography

Caro’s ultimate goal is to continually photography intimate weddings throughout Australia and even New Zealand. She promises to do with so much passion and dedication. With perfect angles, she...

Katherine Davis Photography

Katherine Davis Photography provides couples with the opportunity to select from elegant, rustic or modern wedding photography styles. Whatever the couples want is what the company works with to...

Wild Rhino Photography

They are delighted to be involved in your special day, and they are all about providing you with long-lasting images of your favourite moments of the day. They are amazing at what they do, and...

Hawkswood Photography and Design

The highly skilled photographer maintains quality in every of the service he offers. Together with his wife, he has a great business that creates beautiful images with state-of-the-art print...

Richard Gibbs Photography

Richard loves to capture your special moments, and he does it with great passion. He produces high-quality images, and it is very easy to work with him. He is well detailed and pays attention to...

David Bailey Photography

David Bailey Photography is always ready to tell your wedding story most beautifully. Call him to make your arrangement for your big day!

Anna Osborne Photography

Anna is a well-detailed photographer who gives all of her attention and energy to bringing you the best images. She likes to know her clients beforehand to understand their personalities and what...

Infocus Photography

The company cares about you and your needs, so they meet with you in pre-session consultation to have a one-on-one conversation with you to tailor your needs. They will make sure they do not miss...

Mel Panteli Photography

Mel Panteli Photography has continuously put smiles on couples' faces with her stunning pictures of them, which keep the memories of their special day ever-fresh through the years.

Sarah Janevr

Sarah-Jane is a photographer with so many great ideas that will help you achieve the images of your dreams. She is a photographer who pays great attention to details and observes everything in the...

Eric Sebastian Photography

Eric Sebastian is known to be modest in the entire event but always comes up with breathtaking pictures that couples never expected to be caught on camera.

Alli Campbell Photography

Alli Campbell Photography is all about creating images that portray life in each moment. They are just a call away and are ready to give a bright spark to your journey of love.

Photo Design

Despite being among the best at what they do, Photo Design is always seeking better ways to satisfy their clients in line with the digital advances in the photography world.

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Ballarat Wedding Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and wedding photographers in Ballarat have taken this to another level. The photographers have perfected the art of taking photos that capture your memorable day. The images produced are of high quality that summarize the emotion of the day.

The photographers are experienced and assist camera-shy couples or guests to get the best poses. The ease and expertise shown by Ballarat wedding photographers make couples feel relaxed and enjoy the moment.

Which wedding photography styles do photographers use in Ballarat?

Choosing a photographer should come second after choosing your photography style. The couple has to be sure the style matches with the wedding photographer in Ballarat. Three wedding photography styles are greatly used in Ballarat and by Melbourne wedding photographers that include:

Other wedding photography styles include photojournalistic, illustrative, portrait, fine art, natural, vintage, black and white, and many more that couples can choose.

How far in advance should you book a wedding photographer in Ballarat?

Victoria wedding photography provides experienced photographers and experts. A couple should be ready and prepared once they have secured a venue for their wedding. It is safe to book your wedding photographer 12-15 months earlier to allow room for careful preparations and planning for the event unless you plan to elope.

What is included in a wedding photography package in Ballarat?

Daylesford wedding photographers offer various wedding packages that are similar to the Ballarat wedding packages. Your package is customized to suit your needs. You can expect the following perks from photographers:

How many photos should we expect from our Ballarat wedding photographer?

Ballarat wedding photography has advanced in technology. The photographers try their level best to outshine their counterparts by providing exquisite services to couples. They provide you with about 500 high-resolution digital photos. In this digital era, they offer an online presence for couples.

For how many hours should we hire our wedding photographer in Ballarat?

Ballarat wedding photographers have various packages that differ in duration and coverage. It is advisable to choose a package that best suits their wedding event and agrees with their budget. A photographer that will cover your day’s event is preferred to capture each moment.

When will we get our photos back from a wedding photographer in Ballarat?

Ballarat wedding photographers have embraced technology and have a fast turnaround time for wedding photos. They try to deliver in 4-6 weeks after the wedding day. They can give sneak peeks of some edited images before the final editing of the photos.

Should we consider any wedding photographers near Ballarat?

Ballarat has several wedding photographers near the city. What separates them is their level of experience and availability. You have to understand the photographer and learn what they offer before you can hire them. Victoria wedding photographers are experienced, have competitive packages, and provide services in Ballarat.

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Ballarat?

A wedding photographer in Ballarat is affordable and flexible. You can hire a photographer to take your wedding photos around the city or for destination weddings without worrying about affordability. They customize their packages to accommodate everyone and give top-notch services.

What questions should you ask a Ballarat-based wedding photographer?

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting task. Ask the following questions to get the right one:

What are the best wedding photo locations in Ballarat?

Ballarat is a historical place with several great locations that include:

Do you tip your wedding photographer in Ballarat?

Tipping is a personal preference. Many couples have different views on this topic. Some scenarios justify tipping a photographer would feel appreciated if you were to give a tip which can be in various forms, not necessarily monetary, that is, a good review, referrals, and more.

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