Wedding Photography Canberra

Are you planning a wedding in Canberra? You’ll want an amazing wedding photographer to capture all the details of your day: the little touches, the love, the hidden moments. Lucky for you, we’ve handpicked the best wedding photographers in Canberra for you with pricing, packages, portfolios and reviews!

Canberra and Collective - Small Weddings

Canberra ♡ Collective: Small Weddings is a renowned photography studio in the Canberra region for its impeccable services. The dedicated team works with the couples to understand their wedding day...

Callum Thurgar Photography

Your wedding is the joyous day of your life that will fly by, so make sure that you are hiring the best photographers to capture the awesome memories of your day. The team works with the couple to...

Zoe Vaughan Photography

Zoe Vaughan Photography strives to create unforgettable memories for couples by clicking the finest wedding imagery on their special day. Since Zoe is renowned for her photography services, it is...

Who Shot The Photographer

Who Shot the Photographer offers timeless photographs and specializes in natural-looking candid pictures. This style is realistic, simple, and honest. James doesn’t believe in any awkward poses,...

M Southam Photography

Whether couples want photography services in engagement, ceremony, or reception, M Southam Photography caters to couples' photography needs with charm and perfection. Couples get to choose from a...

Kelly Tunney Photographer

Kelly Tunney strives to click pictures in different wedding functions from the perspective of couples and guests. She does not miss out on the smallest details from the wedding day. To enquire...

Timeless Creations
Timeless Creations

1 review(s)


Mark and his team of skilled photographers understand how important your wedding day is for you and your family. You can rely on their skills and be sure that they will capture your entire day...

Thorson Photography

Thorson Photography will ensure that you have a hassle-free day and all your pictures are clicked while you have fun. You can have your story told in an elegant way and wedding album pictures that...

Zelda Green Photography

Zelda is known for capturing the important moments and the tiniest details of your wedding that you will cherish forever. She is flawless at her work and never lets her customers down. She always...

Studio Vita
Studio Vita


Studio Vita focuses on telling your love story in a fun, relaxed, and professional manner. Their packages and pricing are based on various services and hours. Although they have three ready-made...

Esh Photography

Esh Photography has embarked on its presence around the Canberra region by offering the best photography services in different wedding functions. No matter the creative needs, Esh Photography...

Carmen Coggan Photography

Carmen Coggan Photography is renowned for its stunning photography services. The team makes sure to deliver outstanding images which will be treasured forever by you. In addition, they offer...

Photography By Susan

Photography By Susan is known across the Canberra region for its phenomenal services. Whether you are getting married in a ballroom or a farmhouse, Susan will capture unique photos to tell your...

Pabi Photography

Pabitra Ojah's photography style includes simplicity, clarity, and composition with accurate timing and framing. He offers unique and affordable packages and strives to deliver photos within no...

Agape Photography and Videography

Agape Photography and Videography packages are specially designed to cater to the different photography desires of soon-to-be-married couples. The studio offers same-day photo editing services in...

Mel Hill Photography

Mel Hill Photography offers creatively edited and ready-to-print images with stunning colour correction and retouching. All the packages come with multiple offerings that can be customized by...

Emily Davidson Photography

Emily Davidson will work with you to create the best photography plan for your special day, based on your requirements and rituals. She values the uniqueness of each wedding and strives to capture...

Fusion Photography

Fusion Photography can be summed as one of the unique, creative, and finest wedding photography studios that love to capture the real essence of wedding functions. Couples get to choose from...

Jeremy Beasley Photography

Jeremy Beasley Photography is a famous studio because of its phenomenal wedding photography services. Jeremy works with couples to understands their wedding rituals and provides the best output....

Mandy Lamont Photography

Mandy Lamont is available for travel around the connected regions of Canberra. She offers affordable wedding packages that fulfil the requirement of wedding couples. To initiate the booking...

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What do Canberra wedding photographers provide?

Being able to re-tell your wedding story through images is the best way to keep your memorable day alive and fresh. Canberra wedding photographers have mastered the art of capturing weddings with all the emotions, details, and people for a later date.

There are so many activities during a wedding event that it is hard to remember most details. Wedding photography in Canberra growth has made these crucial moments easy and fun to document through high-quality images. There are numerous wedding photographers in Canberra that make your day memorable.

What wedding photography style provided by Canberra photographer is right for me?

Canberra wedding photographers use various photography styles to capture or document your special day for a later date. The photography style depends on the photographer and the couple. They include:

How far out should I book a wedding photographer in Canberra?

Canberra's top wedding photographers have a tight schedule that requires time to prepare and give the best images to couples. You need to book a photographer 12-9 months in advance for ease of preparations and planning for the occasion. You can get the same photographer to shoot your pre-wedding and engagement.

What does a typical wedding photography package include in Canberra?

Canberra wedding photographers offer different wedding photography packages with the following features:

How many photos do Canberra wedding photographers shoot, and how many do they deliver?

The photographers in Canberra capture as many photos as possible and later edit and delete those they deem not fit. They can capture as many as 600-700 images for editing.

The photographer has to edit these photos for the final high-resolution images that they reduce to about 400 – 500 and deliver to the couple. It depends on the package chosen by the couple.

How many hours of wedding photography do we need for our Canberra wedding?

Your wedding is the most important day of your life in wedlock, and getting all these special moments documented is essential. You can opt for a wedding package that best covers your day’s celebration to the fullest. Look for a package that covers on average 6-8 hours and utilize those hours for a better outcome.

How long is it reasonable to wait for wedding photos in Canberra?

Canberra wedding photographers polish all photos for delivery. Some photographers can show you new proofs and work on only the ones you order. It takes time to edit all the images, and you should factor in the availability or how busy the photographer is. You can expect photos in 4-5 weeks after the wedding ceremony.

Is it reasonable to look for a wedding photographer near Canberra?

Couples have different elopement plans after their wedding, and Australian Capital Territory wedding photography provides ready photographers that understand your needs.

How much do Canberra wedding photographers charge?

The wedding photography prices in Canberra are competitive and customized to suit your needs. The experience of the photographer is crucial in determining the prices.

What are the essential questions to ask a wedding photographer in Canberra?

Ensure that your wedding photographer gives you answers to the following questions:

Where can we take wedding pictures in Canberra?

There are various wedding locations in Canberra that make beautiful photo backdrops for weddings that include:

Should we tip our Canberra wedding photographer?

Canberra wedding photographer will be ecstatic should you decide to tip. There are no set rules on tipping, and it is usually a personal choice to tip or not to.

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