Wedding Photography Cairns

Are you planning a wedding in Cairns? You’ll want an amazing wedding photographer to capture all the details of your day: the little touches, the love, the hidden moments. Lucky for you, we’ve handpicked the best wedding photographers in Cairns for you with pricing, packages, portfolios and reviews!

Pure Style Photography

As the name suggests, Pure Style Photography, is a wedding photography services provider whose hallmark is style, authenticity, and creativity. The services, led by Lindy, are specialized to meet...

Blue Sky Photography

Blue Sky Photography strongly stands for dramatic shots taken within the celebrations and enjoyment without dragging the couple to far-off locations so that they get the most out of their special...

The Raw Photographer

All credit to the Raw Photographer, it is now possible to capture every moment of your wedding in its most real and most candid forms. Featuring the expertise of an experienced industry...

Candice Thorley Photography

Candice is an extremely talented and creative photographer who has only sharpened her wedding photography skills over the years and now offers several affordable packages to meet different...

Magnetic Island Photography

An accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, Magnetic Island Photography’s Maryanne is the ideal solution for your wedding photography requirements. It maintains...

The Seitter Woodhouse

The Seitter Woodhouse photography sends you down a trip to memory lane years after your wedding when you look at your wedding photos. Giving you a chance to relive the experiences you have since...

Focus Imagery

If you have a similar mindset of genuine photography without preset poses, they have ample experience with couples and knows how to make you feel comfortable so that you can genuinely be yourself...

Posh Photography

If you want a candid or themed wedding photoshoot with the most splendid shots, look no further than Posh Photography. Whether it’s on an open meadow, rocky beach, or inside a waterfall, Ian...

Matthew Evans Photography

If you are looking for some sensational photos on your wedding day to give serious wedding goals to your circle, Matthew Evans Photography will be your best bet. With a candid style of...

Barter Photography

An award-winning photographer with numerous awards for his name, his photography skills and his creativity is sure to amaze you. Barter Clinton is perfect in for planning the most splendid wedding...

Port Douglas Weddings

Port Douglas has some incredible crew members with immense experience, making them an invaluable asset for any wedding. They take utmost pleasure in accomodating every small need and wish of the...

Peppermint Lane Photography and Film

Peppermint Lane Photography is an excellent wedding photography and videography company run by the talented Stephie, who has over ten years of experience in capturing emotions. They have a candid...

Andrew Rankin Photography

Andrew Rankin Photography is an exceptional wedding photography service provider based in North Queensland and offers a wide range of services tailored to ensuring your wedding day is not just...

Rian Cope Photography

Leveraging the wisdom of his experiences travelling different parts of the world, Rian Cope is uniquely qualified to meet all your photography expectations on your wedding day. No other...

Louise Myers Photography

Louise Myers is a highly experienced professional specialized in wedding, portraits, and commercial photography. She has over 20 years of experience in this industry. She knows exactly the vision...

Azure Photography

With an experience of over two decades, Azure Photography has set the bar high for wedding photographers in the Cairns region. She strives to capture the emotions and love between you two in a way...

Sand and Soul Photography

Sand and Soul Photography is the go-to place for all your photography needs and features amazing talent, Ms. Monique Steele, who is both friendly and easy to get along with. She is uniquely...

Kerry Taylor Photography

With a chance to enjoy the services of a brilliant, sweet, warm, and funny photographer, Kerry Taylor Photographer offers a chance to enjoy an exceptional wedding experience at very reasonable...

Monica Kristin Photographer

Monica Kristin Photography is an amazing wedding photography service provider offering you the unique opportunity to have the kind of wedding you have always dreamt about. Challenging the cliché...



Mefoto is the right choice if you are looking for a highly experienced team of photographers who know the art of capturing magical photos. Mefoto’s photographers are extremely talented and know...

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What do Cairns wedding photographers provide?

Cairns is beautiful, romantic, with beautiful landscapes for photographs and a lovely place to say the words ‘I do’. Cairns wedding photographer offers personalized, impeccable services, memorable and beautiful photos to couples. The photographers know the region and understand how best the area can work for you.

Cairns wedding photographers have pushed the boundaries of light and camera, providing couples with ethereal and elegant wedding albums. They have learned the art of making you relaxed and have fun during your special day while taking great photos.

How can I pick the perfect wedding photography style for my Cairns wedding?

You can choose the best wedding style in Cairns by interviewing your wedding photographer to understand his photography methods. Ensure to ask the following questions when considering the best wedding photography style for your wedding:

When should I get a Cairns wedding photographer?

Cairns wedding photographer and Cairns wedding videography share similarities. It is important to set everything in motion once you have acquired a wedding venue. Check on the availability of your wedding photographer 9-12 months in advance. Choose the best for your plans to fall into place.

What should be included in my Cairns wedding photography package?

Cairns wedding photographers have various wedding packages they offer couples that have several similarities that include:

How many photos should a Cairns wedding photographer give to us?

Cairns wedding photographers work on your photos after the wedding, polishing and editing to make them Magazine ready. They usually deliver 400-500 edited photos for 8-hour coverage.

How long should we hire a Cairns wedding photographer?

The growth in wedding photography in Cairns can be attributed to the high demand for top-notch wedding photographers. Technology has positively impacted the wedding industry leading to affordable and flexible photography work in Cairns. A wedding photographer should tailor services to suit the couple or cover the essential parts of the wedding.

When will we get our photos back from a wedding photographer in Cairns?

Photographers take their time to edit and polish photos taken during the wedding. The time taken is usually 4-5 weeks on average. Ensure you ask this question when hiring a wedding photographer to manage your anxiety.

Can we consider any other locations for a wedding photographer near Cairns?

Some couples may decide to elope to the neighboring town and require photography services. Queensland wedding photography has developed as much as the photography in Cairns, and they offer high-quality services to couples.

How much does a professional wedding photographer typically charge in Cairns?

The competition in the industry has made the services for wedding photographers in Cairns affordable and flexible. Numerous photographers compete as they fulfill clients' demands and needs, which brings down prices.

What should I ask my wedding photographer in Cairns?

Get to understand your wedding photographer before hiring by asking the following questions:

Which place is best for wedding photography in Cairns?

Cairns is a romantic and peaceful location with several beautiful places for wedding photoshoots that include:

Is it customary to tip your wedding photographer in Cairns?

Many couples tip their wedding photographers for the job done and if they go over and beyond to make your wedding day special. It is a personal decision on the groom's side as there are no set tipping standards in the world.

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