Wedding Photographers Perth

Perth offers talented and creative wedding photographers that can capture all of your cherished moments with their versatile and friendly team. To get the best wedding photography service, check out the top-rated Perth-based wedding photographers. View their portfolios, packages and reviews. Ask for quotes from your top choices!

Quil Studios
Quil Studios

Perth (CBD)

This photography firm offers you high-quality pictures and videos and relieves you of the stress of hiring a different photographer and videographer. It makes sure all moments of your event –...

Huemen Media
Huemen Media


Alex will come up with games to make your bridal crew laugh, documenting your wedding day while paying attention to every little detail. At Huemen Media, you find young men who are passionate...

EJ Creative
EJ Creative


Making use of professional cameras and top lenses in their work, EJ Creative will give you end photos that you would love. They have built a wide portfolio for themselves as one of the best...

Orchard Grove Studios

Orchard Grove Studios is an amazing firm ideal for your wedding. With experience and skills in drone and underwater photography, they are confident about creating beautiful wedding photos while...

Objektiv Photography

Objektiv Photography ensures the safety of your photos as they work with two cameras, each with a backup memory card. By filling out the form, you can contact them and get more detailed information

David Biesse Photography

David Biesse is all you need to give you the best in your wedding photography, with testimonies across Perth. You can fill in the form for his services to get your testimony.

Don Benson Photography

Despite providing services for artists and celebrities, Don Benson Photography does not turn down any job, no matter how small. The firm offers services at affordable rates. Fill the form now for...

Kevin McGinn Photographer

Kevin McGinn Photographer gives you access to lots of pleasant memories with just a click or a turning of a page. Events coverage for longer hours gives you access to certain privileges as well....

Digitally Enhanced Photography

Digitally Enhanced Photography is made up of a team of husband and wife who work in harmony to ensure that all aspects of your event, both major and minor, are completely covered. Being a couple,...


Freckleinabox is reliable, very affordable, and is ready to do all it takes to make sure your wedding events are properly captured and documented. Fill the form now for further information and...

Aurora Rose Photography

Naomi's genuine love for weddings since childhood has sparked her passion for wedding photography. This zeal is easily transferred to the rest of the team, making them work in harmony to achieve...

Graham Hall Photographer

Graham Hall offers exclusive services at very affordable prices, producing pictures that will satisfy your craving. Once booked, payments can be made anytime on or before the wedding. Fill the...

Inspired Wedding Photography

With a goal and specialty of creating high-quality images, you can rest assured that your special day is going to have the best coverage that you will be proud of in years to come. Fill the form...

Kate Smeda - Photographer

A lot of couples have testified of Kate Smeda's amazing photography and customer treatment. She will put you in a position to enjoy your wedding and pose naturally for photos. Her services are...

A Woman's Touch Photography

With A Woman's Touch Photography, you do not have to be nervous about poses because they will put you in a position where you just have fun while taking shots. Creating blissful moments and...

Cherish Photography by Tara

When contacted, Cherish Photography has just one goal in mind – capture precious moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Contacting them today for your upcoming wedding will be the best...

Theron Kirkman Photography

To achieve a smooth wedding photography coverage experience, fully trusting Creative Weddings | Theron Kirkman Photography would be the wisest decision for you. They have proven to be trustworthy...

Luke Johnson Photography

Luke Johnson Photography offers a photography service that blends with friends and family, making it barely noticeable. This enables proper capture of the moments without disrupting the flow of...

Riley White Photography

Riley White Photography gives excellent quality of services at a very fair price and payment system. Fill the form now for further inquiry and booking!

Anthea Auld Photographer

A very special feature is the impeccable editing style used by Anthea Auld Photographer. With a higher level of mastery, you can trust her to highlight all your romance and energy in your photos....

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How far in advance should you book a wedding photographer in Perth?

You've recently got engaged, celebrated, and are now ready to begin planning your wedding. You place a high value on wedding photos. As a result, you begin to wonder, “Is it too soon to hire a wedding photographer?” “Nope!” is the short answer. It's never too early to start!” You can book your photographer after you've set your wedding date. Your photographer should be one of the first suppliers you book in a standard 12-month wedding planning timeline. (Immediately following your venue.) Popular wedding dates, peak seasons, and weekends are often booked 9 to 18 months in advance by many professional wedding photographers in Perth. So, if your heart is set on a specific wedding photography service, you should book it as early as possible, especially when you think that almost all photographers only book one wedding per day, except big companies with multiple shooters.

Also, booking your wedding photographer at least one year in advance comes with many other advantages. First of all, you make your contract with the current year's prices. This can save you lots of money. Secondly, you'll get to know each other more and talk about the aspects in a more detailed fashion. Additionally, if you have a good working ambience, your wedding photographer can shoot every event related to your wedding, from the engagement session to pre-wedding photography.

Which wedding photography styles do photographers use in Perth?

Wedding photos are something you will cherish for years and a way to relive your big day. They tell the story of your wedding and capture the most intimate moments. If you're getting married soon and aren't sure what kind of wedding photos you want, here's a list of the most popular wedding photography styles in Perth to help you narrow down your choices:

How much does a wedding photographer cost in Perth?

Perth wedding photographer prices vary depending on the vendor and services provided, so it's up to you to select one that meets your specific requirements. Wedding photography in this city costs on average $2,900 for 8-hour coverage. However, inclusions vary significantly from one wedding photography package to the next, so select the photographers' areas of specialization. In late fall and winter, you can find more affordable and relatively cheap wedding photographers in Perth in the off-peak season. Couples looking for budget wedding photographers will find photography packages starting from $400, which usually offer 1-2 hour coverage. There are also many affordable Perth wedding photographers under $1000; you can choose fewer inclusions, but you need to make sure that they have the necessary equipment, skills, and time for the wedding photos you've dreamed of!

What is included in a wedding photography package in Perth?

Due to the importance of the work, looking for a photographer can be one of the more stressful aspects of wedding planning. You should concentrate on the photography package inclusions when you've narrowed down providers that offer the sort of photographs you envision for your special day. When looking for the best wedding photographers in Perth, be sure to read the information regarding their pricing and packages carefully because these can vary dramatically from photographer to photographer and have a significant impact on wedding photography prices. The following are some items and services to keep an eye out for:

What questions should you ask a Perth-based wedding photographer?

Unless you have your heart set on a specific wedding photographer, you will be spoiled for choice, and with so many incredible wedding photographers in Perth to choose from, it will be difficult to narrow down your options. Here are 14 key questions you should ask potential wedding photographers, preferably in person, once you've narrowed down your selection to a few viable candidates:

What are the best wedding photo locations in Perth?

Perth offers some of the most beautiful landscapes, which make for a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. The city features stunning wedding photo locations, including sandy beaches, sand dunes, lush flora, and unique architecture. Choosing a venue for your pre-wedding or wedding photos can be tough, and it requires some research. Lucky for you because we’ve listed Perth’s best wedding photography locations here:

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