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What’s not to love about an intimate, budget-friendly outdoor wedding while the birds are chirping and the wind breezes gently? Check out the list of the best garden and outdoor wedding venues in Canberra with packages, photos and reviews. Obtain quotes to plan your wedding easily!

Cockington Green Gardens

Plan on having a classic garden wedding in Nicholls? Then Cockington Green Gardens is the best wedding venue for you! The garden is owned and managed by Sarah Family, featuring well-sculpted lawns...

A Country Wedding Binda

A Country Wedding Binda is a rustic wedding venue situated just 90 minutes from Canberra city centre and only 50 minutes from Goulburn. This stunning venue boasts several indoor and outdoor spots...

Min price (pp)
National Arboretum Canberra

Located along the forest drive in Weston Creek Australia, is an event centre within a forest known as National Arboretum Canberra. The Arboretum, which has one of the largest collections of...

Ceremony capacity
Min price (pp)
Redbrow Garden

Redbrow Garden is located merely 30-35 minutes from Canberra city centre, between the Murumbateman cool climate wine region, the northern outskirts of Australia's National capital, and Canberra....

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Petrichor Farm

Petrichor Farm is situated just North of Canberra, 10 minutes from Gundaroo. It was established in the mid-1850s, enclosed in the old hay shed. This rustic and elegant farm offers various...

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Factors To Consider When Searching For Outdoor Wedding Venues in Canberra

If you are planning to get married outdoors, you must be aware of some factors to consider before searching for outdoor wedding venues in Canberra. These factors include the weather conditions, availability of natural resources, budget, and other things. Here is a look at them:

Weather Conditions

You should know that there will always be certain weather conditions during the summer and winter seasons. You need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and supplies to ensure that you can still enjoy your outdoor wedding even if it rains or snows.

Availability Of Natural Resources

You may also need to consider the availability of natural resources such as water, electricity, and so on. It would be better to find an outdoor wedding venue that has these facilities available. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on hiring extra staff just to provide power and water to your guests.


This is one of the most important considerations when choosing an outdoor wedding venue. You should choose an outdoor wedding venue that offers affordable rates. You shouldn’t compromise quality for cheap prices.

Other Factors

You need to consider many other factors when looking for an outdoor wedding venue. Some of these factors include location, size, and more. Make sure that you note all these things before making your final decision.

Services Offered By Garden Wedding Venues in Canberra

Garden wedding venues in Canberra offer many services. They include catering, wedding photographers, videography, floral arrangements, entertainment, and more. If not, you can hire them separately.


One of the most common services of garden wedding places in Canberra is catering. Catering is very important, especially if you are hosting many people. They will prepare exceptional food for your guests and serve them throughout the event.


Another service that you should consider is photography. Photography is very important when capturing special moments. Different types of photographers specialize in weddings. They can capture beautiful images of your wedding day.


Another popular service that garden wedding places in Canberra offer is videography. Videographers record everything that happens at your wedding reception and wedding ceremony. They will edit the footage into a movie that you can watch later.

Floral Arrangements

If you are planning to get married outside, you definitely need to consider getting flowers for your wedding. Florals are very important, especially if you want your wedding to look nice and elegant.


You should also think about music. Music is very important, especially if there are going to be many people at your wedding.


When decorating your outdoor wedding venue, you should think about the theme you want. A boho wedding at the beach or a country wedding in a barn? According to your theme, you can choose your decorations easily.

Best Time of Year For a Garden Wedding in Canberra

If you are planning an outdoor event in one of the best Canberra wedding venues, then there are some things you should know about the best time of year for this type of event.

Many factors can affect the success of your wedding, including the weather, but one thing that cannot be ignored is the season. The right season is essential if you want your wedding party to have a great experience. Here are some tips on what season is ideal for a garden wedding:


This is the perfect time of year for a garden wedding because it has warm days and cool nights. It’s a good idea to hold your wedding during spring because the weather is still fresh and clean. However, it rains a lot during this season, so make sure you have a wet weather option.


If you are holding your wedding in summer, make sure that you plan ahead so you won’t have to deal with heat. Summer is hot and humid, which means that you might find it hard to enjoy your wedding. However, the weather is still pleasant, and there is abundant natural light for your photos in the stunning gardens with spectacular views.


Fall is the perfect season to hold an outdoor celebration in one of the beautiful Australian Capital Territory wedding venues. The weather is mild, and the leaves are changing colours. If you are having a fall wedding, make sure that you do not forget about the leaves.


Winter is cold and rainy, which means that you may find it difficult to celebrate your wedding outdoors or in a garden. However, during this season, you can find cheap wedding venues offering affordable wedding packages easily.

Decoration Ideas For an Outdoor Wedding in Canberra

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in Canberra, then there are many things that you should consider before starting with the decoration for your dream wedding. It is very important to have a clear idea about the theme of the wedding so that you can decorate your perfect location accordingly.

Many themes are available for intimate gatherings like modern or vintage, rustic, traditional etc. But if you want an unforgettable wedding, you can go for a theme based on nature. This theme is quite popular nowadays because people love to be surrounded by nature, stunning views and the perfect backdrop. So, if you are looking for some ideas for decorations, then here are some of them.

Vintage Decorations

If you are planning a vintage-themed wedding, you should use old-fashioned items such as chandeliers, tables, chairs, lanterns etc. You can even add some vintage-style décor around your venue.

Modern Decorations

If you are planning a modern wedding, you should focus more on the details. Modern weddings usually include bright colours and bold designs. You can create a unique look using these elements.

Rustic Decorations

Rustic weddings are all about simplicity and elegance. Your wedding will be full of greenery and flowers. If you are interested in a rustic wedding, you should opt for wooden furniture, floral arrangements, candles, and other accessories.

Natural Decorations

A natural wedding is a combination of both modern and rustic styles. You can choose from various types of décor, depending on your preference. You can use bamboo sticks, twigs, mosses, stones, and other natural materials to create a beautiful look.

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