Garden & Outdoor Wedding Venues Sunshine Coast

There's nothing quite like a Sunshine Coast garden wedding, which boasts an exquisite atmosphere, close friends and family, and a lot of romance! We've compiled a list of some of the finest outdoor wedding venues with prices, reviews, photos and services for you. Request quotes from your favourites!


Sunshine Coast

For couples dreaming of an intimate wedding in a remarkable countryside and close to nature, Garapine presents a great option. Spread over 180 acres of greeneries - Its exclusive space, décor and...

Ceremony capacity
The Falls Farm
The Falls Farm

Sunshine Coast

The Falls Farm locates in Mapleton Falls Road, Mapleton, Queensland. It's a fantastic place for relaxation and stays in the heart of nature for the ones who love being far from the city's...

Ceremony capacity
The Surf Club Mooloolaba

The Surf Club Mooloolaba combines mesmerising scenery of the bay with contemporary and sophisticated décor of the club, making it a venue of choice for many brides and groom. The Clubhouse and its...

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Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for Outdoor Wedding Venues on the Sunshine Coast

If you plan to have an intimate wedding at a beach, lush garden or park, you should consider searching for Sunshine Coast wedding venues with outdoor spaces. There are many things to keep in mind while looking for such places. Here are some of them:

1. The wedding venue must be beautiful. You need to make sure that the place is gorgeous and has a perfect backdrop and stunning views to hold a wedding ceremony. It has to be a pretty ceremony site where you can enjoy the day with your wedding guests.

2. The place must be safe. You don’t want anything wrong to happen on your wedding day. Make sure that everything is safe before booking the venue.

3. The location must be convenient. To save time, you must choose the perfect venue that is easily accessible to everyone.

4. The price must be affordable. You don’t want to spend too much money on something that isn’t worth it, especially if you have a limited wedding budget. So, make sure that you get all the details about the outdoor venue before making any decision.

5. The service provided by the venue must be good. You don’ want to hire someone who won't provide what they promise or doesn't have a professional team. Check out the reviews left by previous customers.

6. You must check if the wedding packages include everything you need for your dream wedding. Flexible wedding packages usually include multiple function spaces, wedding cake cutting, an onsite wedding coordinator, wedding photographer, a range of accommodation options and a dedicated team.

7. You must ensure that the place provides all the necessary facilities for your wedding reception and ceremony. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, you must ask whether it has a bar.

8. You must know about the weather conditions. If the weather is going to be cold, then you must look for an indoor venue.

9. You must also check if the place allows pets. If so, then you must book the site as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to pay extra fees.

10. You must also check whether the place offers catering services with delicious menus and an onsite restaurant. If yes, you can opt for a cocktail wedding or a sit-down dinner wedding.

11. You must also check the availability of parking spaces. If the beautiful venue doesn't offer parking spaces, you must search for another one or look for affordable parking options nearby.

Best Time of Year for Garden Weddings on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Spring and summer are great times to have a garden wedding because they are warm enough to host outdoor events without worrying about extreme weather conditions. These seasons also offer million-dollar views, immaculate greens, beautifully landscaped gardens, and natural beauty. However, if you want to find relatively cheap wedding venues, autumn or winter would be better options.

If you decide to hold your wedding outside, you should consider choosing a sunny day. It's important to remember that the sun can cause damage to your skin and hair. Therefore, if you're planning a wedding outdoors, you should wear sunscreen and hats.

If you plan to have a wedding in a park, you must choose a day when the temperature is between 10 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. This way, you'll avoid having to deal with extreme heat. You should also choose a wedding dress with breathable fabrics and comfortable designs for hot days.

You should also consider where you are holding your special day. If you are planning to have a country wedding, you should choose a location with a lot of greenery. Greenery helps to cool down the area and keeps mosquitoes away.

Decoration Ideas for Garden Wedding Venues on the Sunshine Coast

If you plan to have an outdoor celebration on the Sunshine Coast, you should consider decorating your garden venue with some of these ideas. These ideas can be applied to any type of outdoor space, but they are especially useful if you have a small area where you want to hold your reception:

1. Add a few flower arrangements around the tables. Flowers add colour and fragrance to the venue and help guests feel more relaxed.

2. Use candles and lanterns to create romantic lighting. Candles give off a soft light, which creates a cozy atmosphere. Lanterns provide bright illumination, which makes them ideal for evening weddings.

3. Hang up balloons and streamers to create a festive mood. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

4. Decorate your wedding venue with plants. Plants make the setting look lush and green. They also help to keep insects away from the food.

5. Create a centrepiece using fresh flowers. The centrepiece adds elegance to an intimate venue and gives it a unique touch.

6. Choose a theme for your tropical wedding. A theme will help you organise the decorations and the menu. For example, if you are planning a beach wedding on the South Coast, you should buy sandals and towels and umbrellas and parasols.

7. Consider hiring a wedding caterer who specialises in catering for outdoor receptions. They will know what foods work best in an outdoor setting.

Locations to Consider When Searching for Outdoor Wedding Venues Near Sunshine Coast

There are many beautiful Queensland wedding venues to choose from if you want to expand your venue search for different reasons, including budget, style, and weather. The following are some idyllic locations with spectacular views for your wedding. Be sure to request pricing from your favourite wedding venues:

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