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Where to start with planning a wedding? What should be considered when dealing with companies? Are there any legal issues that you need to be aware of in terms of marriage procedures? What are the latest wedding trends? We have researched all of these items for you; we did interviews with the experts, brought together the experiences of the couples who have planned a wedding before. All the information you need for planning your wedding is on these pages!

Wedding Planning

What does it take to plan a perfect wedding? What are the tricks of making the right choice from wedding venues to bridal gowns, from wedding styles to invitations? What should be paid attention to when dealing with vendors? Experts have explained the answers to all these questions and more for you!

Tips and Suggestions

What are the tips for planning a budget-friendly wedding? How to write your wedding ceremony vows? How to pick the right music for your reception? What should you pay attention to while planning a snowy wedding? How to change your name in Australia after marriage? Experts’ answers to all these questions and more are here!