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Frequently Asked Questions About Garden & Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor&Garden Wedding Venues

If you are searching for ‘best outdoor&garden wedding venues near me,' then you are at the right address. Garden and outdoor weddings are so romantic with colourful flowers and beautiful nature as the backdrop. While they have a laid-back, relaxed feel, they can still be as glamorous and stylish as any other indoor wedding. These evergreen venues can make your dream wedding real in any season. However, spring and summer outdoor weddings are the best while nature transforms by creating beautiful colour palettes for your fantastic garden wedding photos.

Outdoor&Garden Wedding Types and Themes

As there are many unique and different kinds of gardens, garden & outdoor wedding venues come in many types, and they can be themed to different styles according to your preferences and needs. You can hire private gardens and outdoor wedding venues, or you can rent a private mansion to have a beautiful backyard wedding if you want the space to be yours only. Most outdoor wedding venues also offer chapels, gazebos, marquees between majestic forests for your ceremony and indoor facilities to use in case of unfavourable weather conditions. Moreover, you can also host your wedding party at these venues. For couples who look for a more quirky and unique experience, secret gardens in botanic garden wedding venues are the perfect choice with their outstanding fungi and plants.

One of the most popular and best outdoor&garden wedding styles is rustic weddings, especially those in fall with the leaves falling from the trees and plants changing into multi-coloured artworks. The woodsy decor and wildflower arrangements create the perfect backdrop for your guests to mingle and have fun. For this theme, country garden wedding venues such as outdoor spaces of barns& farms can be chosen. You can also combine the rustic theme with vintage garden weddings by adding retro details to your Big Day, such as using gold colours and mixing the old&new, resulting in a more elegant outdoor wedding venue. Suppose you are looking for a more modern wedding. In that case, you can always host an intimate and simple outdoor wedding with your nearest and dearest by paying attention to your basic needs, and saving time and contributing to your budget.

Outdoor and Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas

Gardens and outdoor wedding spaces full of sprawling flowers and plants provide a perfect place for gatherings, especially for couples to plan their once-in-a-lifetime day. Whether you choose a garden venue or hire a private property, wedding decorations for outdoor weddings are infinite. For your ceremony decor, you can use an arch festooned in fabric and colourful florals, and as for the seating, you can use wooden benches or white vintage chairs with a fiddle-back. For lighting for outdoor weddings, you can equip the space with mason jar chandeliers or use string lights to decorate the trees. For a cozier and more intimate ambience, candelabras might be used. White aisle runners add a magical touch to your ceremony, but they need to be durable.

DIY weddings allow couples to come up with fun wedding ideas for outdoor venues. You can use an open truck bed decorated with beautiful flowers and greenery, or you can use hay bales with comfortable patterned quilts to make your guests experience the country style. As wedding table ideas, you can use barrels with your picture on them or picnic tables for your reception.

Finally, your bridal gown should be compatible with your wedding decor. If you plan to marry on a hot summer day, strapless wedding gowns with breathable fabric are ideal since there would be no sweat stains. For spring, short wedding dresses for outdoor weddings can be chosen since it allows you to move, dance, and enjoy your Big Day comfortably.

Prices of Garden & Outdoor Wedding Venues

Choosing the right garden&outdoor venue means more than a place to have your wedding. It plays a significant role in your celebration and how the guests perceive and remember your Big Day. While the venue constitutes a big part of your total budget, it doesn’t need to be half of that. There are also many cheap and affordable garden wedding venues where you can host an intimate, small outdoor wedding. Nearly all venues have various wedding packages customized for different budgets, allowing you to have a beautiful outdoor&garden wedding on a budget. These packages generally include in-house catering, experienced staff and wedding planners, fantastic photo opportunities, onsite parking and many more. Remember, you can find many unique and inexpensive outdoor wedding venues that don't sacrifice style and personality.

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