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Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Weddings

Hotel Weddings

Hotel weddings might seem traditional compared to unconventional wedding venues such as barns and warehouses; however, they are still a fantastic choice for elegant and chic celebrations. With so many hotels across the country, finding the perfect one is easy. If you're thinking to yourself 'how to find hotel wedding venues near me,’ this article will guide you to make this process easier.

A wedding is a big celebration, and lots of your guests come to celebrate with you from different parts of the city, and some come from even across the country. Therefore, hotel weddings are the choice not to make your loved ones drive home tired since they offer comfortable accommodation with fully-equipped rooms. With so many guests staying on-site, you won't be concerned about transportation as well! However, this is not the only advantage of hotels. For those who have a huge guest list, hotels provide ballrooms with the capacity for hundreds. Since every hotel has indoor facilities, the unfavourable weather conditions won't be a problem for you either. Moreover, definitely, the best advantage of hotel weddings is that they provide all-inclusive unique wedding packages tailored to your needs at discounted rates for your every need: accommodation, wedding photographer, in-house catering with local ingredients and professionals, on-hand wedding planner, parking, photography, bridal suite, and many more!

Hotel Wedding Prices

The cost of your hotel wedding will change according to your needs and preferences. If you want to host a majestic, grand event at a luxury hotel adorned with gold and diamonds, your wedding reception price will be higher since the total amount of rates per person and the services provided will cost more. However, if you think what matters is celebrating with your loved ones, not the glory, you can have an intimate wedding in a relatively cheaper and small hotel wedding venue. You can contribute to your budget more by making use of deals and wedding packages. Whatever you choose, there is no doubt that you will have the perfect wedding that you have been dreaming of at the best hotel for you!

Hotel Wedding Packages

Weddings and affordability do not usually go hand-in-hand when you think about different, quirky venues where you and your partner make all the arrangements by making deals with many vendors for your various needs for your Big Day. However, in hotel weddings, affordability and comfort is the number one priority and advantage! Almost every hotel provides plenty of affordable wedding packages such as ceremony, reception, and all-inclusive packages. What do these packages entail? They usually include wedding cake, essential decorations such as linen napkins & table cloths, chair covers; PA system, menu tasting for the wedding couple, menus for children & special dietary requirements, a bridal suite, photographer and landscaped private spaces such as lakesides or gardens for your wedding photos, and many more. However, these packages are not fixed; instead, they can be easily customized according to your needs and preferences. For instance, you can add the accommodation and cocktail reception to your package, or you can choose to go with the ceremony only. It's all up to you!

Hotel Wedding Reception and Ceremony Venue Types

After seeing the many advantages, you can be sure that you'll have a hotel wedding, but you still have to decide on your venue, reception and ceremony type. Boutique hotels are a huge favourite among the couples since they offer immersive cultural heritage, multiple reception spaces to choose from, a top-notch wedding catering experience with their beautiful restaurants and many more. They also offer a fantastic opportunity to those who want to escape from the city's hustle and bustle and have a relaxed country-style getaway in the suburbs surrounding the valleys. Couples who wish to have an unconventional and quirky experience may prefer even underground cave boutique hotels.

If you want to feel like royals in grand chic halls and have a formal event, big and luxurious hotels are perfect for you. Most of them offer all-in-one celebrations. Meaning, you can have your ceremony indoors, your wedding reception next to the beautiful pools, bays, coasts and beaches, and your after-party at amazing terraces or rooftops with incredible city views or vice versa. The sky is the limit when it comes to the imagination!

Tips to Find Best Hotel Wedding Venues

• First off, start by forming your guest list. • Then, decide on your needs and preferences. Set a budget for every aspect of your wedding, from floral arrangements to invitations. • Do not forget to take the highly sought-after seasons, days, and weather into account since they will drastically affect your cost. • Use our website to find venues, go to their profile pages, view the venues' photos and videos, and read couples' reviews. • Decide on your top wedding hotel options, request pricing from the ones you like and make an appointment to talk about the details. Everything will go smoothly afterwards!

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