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Frequently Asked Questions About Mansion Weddings

Mansion Weddings

Would you like to feel like a king or a queen of a grand palace for your Big Day? If yes, hosting a mansion wedding is a perfect idea! Grandiosity and glamour define the elegant mansion wedding venues from Gatsby-Esque manors to private properties. Whether intimate or big, affordable or luxurious, you can find many ideal mansions for your wedding day.

Hiring a Mansion For a Wedding

You must be thinking, why bother renting a mansion for a wedding when I can rent other kinds of venues that don't cost as much. The answer is simple: ambience. Private estate wedding venues help you create a memorable and magical experience for your guests, and impressing them becomes easy.

The other factor that makes private property wedding hire is the ideal choice is space. Nearly all mansions offer lots of space and can accommodate a higher number of guests than any other wedding venue even though some of them don’t feel as big as historic mansions. Many nice mansions have multiple indoor and outdoor reception venues and function rooms that you can use according to the season you plan to have your wedding. Moreover, the amenities such as pools, screening rooms, tennis courts and many more become available to you with mansion rentals and make your special day more fun and enjoyable.

Types of Mansion Weddings

The types of mansion weddings that you can host are plenty. Spring is the perfect season to have a garden reception since nature awakens from a deep slumber and brings a new life to Earth. Flowers start blooming, the sky becomes clear and blue, and this transformation provides the perfect backdrop for romantic weddings. Most of the mansions have gazebos and marquees that you can host your ceremony while the birds are chirping happily in beautiful rose gardens.

If you want to host your special day in a place that holds historic architecture while providing a broad spectrum of modern amenities, historic mansion weddings would be perfect for you! You can find many French chateaus, Italian Renaissance-style houses, and many more surrounded by magnificent ancient trees. Your guests will be amazed by such beauty while having mansion tours. Most of the mansions also have wedding chapels on-site or nearby for those who want to have a traditional, unforgettable indoor wedding ceremony in front of their beloved ones. Having your ceremony at a chapel doesn't mean you have to eliminate decor. You can still decorate minimally to accentuate the ornate design of the chapel.

Finally, many private houses and mansions have elegant restaurants where you can have your reception if you don't want to rent the whole place. These restaurants provide zestful cuisines, which guarantee that your guests will leave full and content!

Mansion Wedding Prices

As in all other venues, mansion wedding venue prices are abundant and change according to several factors. The first one is the size of your event. If you want to celebrate with lots of people, your mansion wedding cost will be higher compared to small, intimate wedding receptions with your closest ones. The pricing is made per person attending your event, and venues have a capacity for a minimum number of guests required and maximum number to which it can serve.

The other factor is the amenities of the mansion. The mansions that have several pools indoors and outdoors, huge lush gardens, water views, and many more will cost you higher amounts. So, decide whether you want to host your wedding in a luxurious setting or make this process as budget-friendly as possible. If you choose the latter, identify your needs and preferences first, then look for a venue. Do not forget to check deals and discounted prices when browsing through the mansions for hire!

Mansion Wedding Packages

Wedding packages help you fit everything into your budget so you can have the best day of your life without being disappointed afterwards. You can find many mansion wedding packages that include various services. The primary services you can find in each package are in-house or 3rd party catering, beverage packages, chair and table covers, parking, bridal suites, experienced staff and other similar ones. Moreover, spectacular mansion wedding photo opportunities are provided at fantastic facilities.

You can have a wedding reception or ceremony only if you are looking for a cheap wedding package. If you want an all-in-one event with ceremony, reception and after-party, you can check all-inclusive packages that come at discounted rates. Moreover, most of the mansions offer you and your guests accommodation packages to rest after a long and joyful night.

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