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Frequently Asked Questions About Restaurant Weddings

Restaurant Weddings

Are you planning a restaurant wedding? If you and your future spouse are foodies, a restaurant wedding is an obvious option even though it may be considered unconventional by many. It's a huge favourite among couples who want an intimate gathering; however, some restaurants can serve large parties.

Why Should You Choose a Restaurant Wedding?

Choosing restaurant venues for weddings is a fantastic idea if you think that grand venues such as ballrooms and banquet halls are not for you and if you want to celebrate your special day with your close family members and a couple of friends. You will not need organization firms or catering companies since renting a restaurant for a wedding guarantees that you will get a professional service from experienced staff and taste many delicious meals made by skilled chefs with local produce. Moreover, you do not need to be concerned about possible adverse weather conditions since having a wedding reception at a restaurant guarantees that you'll enjoy your Big Day no matter what happens, secure indoors.

Types of Restaurant Wedding Venues

Whether you are planning a small restaurant wedding or a big, luxurious celebration, you can find the perfect restaurant wedding venue that meets all your needs and requirement since there are thousands of options. You can eat, drink, get married at your favourite Italian restaurant or have a perfect Chinese restaurant wedding reception in your neighbourhood. You can rent out beautiful waterfront restaurants with spectacular bay, port or ocean views or restaurants inside the botanic gardens with unique plants and fungi. Almost all restaurants have an event planner, onsite coordinator or catering manager to ensure that all the details of your special day are provided and nothing is missed. No matter what type you choose, having a wedding in a restaurant with zestful cuisine guarantees that your guests will leave full and happy!

How Will You Decide Which Restaurant Wedding Reception to Choose?

When your love of food is almost as great as your love of each other, hiring a restaurant for wedding reception becomes inevitable. Traditional wedding venues such as ballrooms, halls or hotels provide a menu tasting, but to this, you have to be committed to them by paying a deposit. However, you can explore and visit many fantastic restaurants with your future spouse. You can choose the best one while having a good time or you can go with your favourite one as well, such as the Chinese restaurant or the excellent waterside restaurant you mutually love! To determine if the restaurant is a good fit for your reception, make the type and cuisine style the top priority. Then, figure out its guest capacity to know whether it will be able to accommodate your expected number of guests. Also, a wedding reception at a restaurant makes the planning process a lot easier since restaurants already have chairs, linens, glassware and tables.

Almost all wedding restaurant venues offer silver, gold, or platinum wedding packages at affordable prices per person. These packages mainly include exclusive menu hire for several hours, three-course set menus composed of an entree, main and dessert, alternate serve meals to meet your guests' special dietary requirements, and both soft and alcoholic beverages. Wedding reception dinner at restaurants also offers hot and cold canapés, cutting and serving of your cake, a bridal table, personalized signage, menus and seating arrangements and many more. A dedicated function coordinator will be with you from the beginning to ensure that all details have been met. The cost of a wedding reception at a restaurant changes according to your preferences and guests' number. Moreover, many restaurants provide complimentary wedding anniversary deals to celebrate your special days in the future if you choose them!

Restaurant Wedding Reception Ideas

Having a wedding reception at a restaurant that you and your future spouse first met sounds like a scene from a romantic movie! However, the wedding restaurant decoration process might sometimes be frustrating. The first thing you should when decorating a restaurant is don't fight with its interior design. Your adjustments to it should feel cohesive with the venue's aesthetics. For instance, to give you some restaurant wedding decoration ideas, modern furniture or accessories do not go with rustic restaurants; instead, wooden chairs and tables should be used to fit into the brick-walled rustic setting. Maybe you can add a touch of colour with a floral arrangement as well. On the contrary, you shouldn't use wine barrels or mason jars for lightning in fancy restaurants. Plan every aspect of your ceremony carefully to have the perfect wedding reception at a restaurant that you’ve been dreaming of for years!

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